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Michael Matt makes up for the Easter break by presenting an extended play Underground that looks back at the long history of Big Brother’s lies that led to where we find ourselves today – living in a nightmare world that makes war on children and tells God to go to Hell.

And now the “good guys” are telling us that if we want to win political elections in the future, we must dial back the Pro-Life thing. If Donald Trump wants to win in 2024, he must endorse “gay marriage.”

Do you agree?

Here are some other questions asked about the Big Lie:

  • Whatever happened to the War on Terror?
  • What about the Drug War?
  • Are we still having a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated?
  • You religious leaders who told us to vax our kids – are we still doing that?  If not, why not?
  • Where did The Science go?
  • Is that guy pushing Bud Light really a woman?
  • Is two plus two still four?
  • Is there any sense in which our Globalist leaders are NOT lying to us?

Where does the lying stop and the gullible start? When does the madness end?

To paraphrase Orwell, until we become conscious, we will never rebel. And until after we have rebelled, we cannot become conscious.

In other words, WAKE UP!

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