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What happened to the Catholic Church?

Q intelligence CD - password required as detailed in handout CD/booklet package

Where did God come from? Scientist left speechless...

Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and UFO's

Can Evil people go to Heaven?

Our Lady answered this question on the 24 July 1982. The short answer is yes, read the full answer by clicking the above image.

Is Heaven, Hell and Purgatory real?

This article with videos removes all doubt about the existence of Purgatory and it has many levels.

Is there life on other planets?

Our Lady was asked this question in 1981. Here is her answer plus UFO stories/videos gathered from all around. View now.

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# Out of Shadows - banned
# The Blood of Christ - must see proof that
Transubstantiation: The Transformation of the Eucharist into the body and blood of Christ really does happen

# Is Genesis History - sequel coming soon
# Garabandal Unstoppable Waterfall - watch trailer
# Garabandal Only God Knows - watch trailer
# Jesus Crucifixion site see how it looks now
# How to discern Gods will - Fr Pawell Sass
# The prison Jesus was kept in before His Crucifixion
# Is this man good or evil? you decide with Fr Meyer 
and many many more........

Reincarnation, death penalty and more...


There is no more debating needed, the answer to the question - is there reincarnation? the answer comes to us direct from Heaven in this article


What does Our Lady tell us about Abortion? Visit for the latest. This page with lots of telegram posts is also a good read.

How To Pray The Rosary

Learn to pray the Rosary with Dr Taylor Marshall. 18 powerful videos.

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