This is Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.


Oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh – ah. Oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh – ah.
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop (ahh)
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop (ahh)Sittin’ in a native hut, all alone and blue. Sittin’ in a native hut, wonderin’ what to do. Along came a native girl, did a native dance. It was like in paradise, put me in a trance.Goin’ shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop

Joined her in her dancin’ spree. Felt my spine a-tingle. Held her tight and close to me. Man, I’m glad I’m single. Then she showed me what to do. First I was amazed. Soon I learned a step or two, put me in a daze

Goin’ shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop

You can do the ko-ko bop. Now’s no time to stop. Left foot forward, right one back. Bring them side by side. Syncopate your last two steps. Now you’re gonna glide. Keep along the rhythm track. Girls please show ’em how. Now you start to arch your back. Man, you got it now

Goin’ shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop, oh
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy bop
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko-bop
Shimmy shimmy ahhhhhh


And of course, that was Anthony and the Imperials, 1959. We came out of World War II.

The 50’s was a beautiful time. People were tired after the World War II while there was a victory, being born in 1953, hearing all the fathers and they stories of World War II, everything was still fresh, people wanted to get away from that. They ran from it. They wanted what was given to us, a joyful time, a time where people got married, a time where they had families, new inventions. Many people were really looking for the Garden of Eden. It was a perfect time of life. Adam asked one day, “Why did you make Eve so beautiful?”

God said, “So you would love her.”

Adam asked another question, “Why did you make her hair so flowing down beautifully?”

God said, “So you would love her.”

And Adam asked God again, “Why did you give her such a beautiful figure?”

And God said, “So you would love her.”

And Adam said, “Can I ask one more question?”

God said why did you make…

Adam asked God, “Why did You make Eve so dumb?”

God said, “So she would love you.” [LAUGHTER].

That statement may get me in trouble with you women out there. But you can blame it on who I stole it from: Joel Osteen. He’s a positive preacher.

In many ways this is a parallel of what’s happened. Going into the 60’s, 61, 62, 65, 68, 69, we became more dumber of the influence of satan. Modesty was thrown out the window. Shimmy Shimmy Ko-ko-bop and many women with their miniskirts, men followed the whirlpool and mankind denigrated to where we are right now to such a degree that Our Lady has to come to the world. Our Lady said something that is prophetic.

February 17, 1984

“My children, pray. The world has been drawn into a great whirlpool. It does not know what it is doing. It does not realize in what sin it is sinking.”

There is no sin no more. Everything can happen.

“…It does not realize in what sin it is sinking. It needs your prayers so that I can pull it out of this danger.”

And even Medjugorje people have grown tired. Man has difficulty of holding the line. Our Lady has come with Her messages to save the world and in the beginning of Medjugorje, there was so much conversion, excitement, what is Our Lady saying. But in a short, few years, Our Lady says:

February 7, 1985

“Dear children, these days satan is manifesting himself in a special way in this parish. Pray, dear children, that God’s plans is brought into effect and that every work of satan ends up for the glory of God. I stay with you this long…”

See, that’s 1985, She’s saying how long She’s been with us.  Four years!

“…I have stayed with you this long so that I might help you along with your trials.”

That was given through Marija. But going back before 1985 of the message I just gave you, Our Lady gives another prophecy before that date. June 23, 1982, not even a year, and She gives a prediction. She says:

“A number of those who have been very enthusiastic will cool off…”

Already 12 months. And then She warns and says:

“…But you persist and be proud of each of my words.”

There is only a remnant of people worldwide that are still studying Our Lady’s messages every day. And She said many would cool off. And you would think, by reasoning, how bad things are right now, we would be growing. In the beginning of Caritas, we literally got hundreds and even thousands of envelopes. Everybody was so excited. We had 15 people going through the mail. We couldn’t keep up with it. But that started slowing down and that’s where we are right now. Our Lady said on October 25, 2006:

“…I, little children, am not tired, although I see that your hearts are heavy and tired for everything that is a grace and a gift…”

It’s amazing. We are tired of even the graces that is coming down every day. And the gifts She gives us because Her presence is a gift. Are you on your knees every day at apparition time?  She’s blessing you. What are you doing at that moment?  The next year She says:

March 25, 2007

“…I am with you and I am not tired. I desire to take all of you with me to Heaven. Therefore, decide daily for holiness…”

And then we jump almost four decades later from the beginning of the apparitions:

June 24, 2020

“…Dear children, I have not grown tired, so dear children, do not get tired too…”

For what? She’s trying to get us to stay with Her and make it to the end. On September 25, 2018, Our Lady says:

“…I am calling you. It is not late. Decide for holiness and a life with God in grace and in peace…”

Where is peace around the world?  Where is it on the news? It’s not there. And the Queen of Peace is here. We are on the eve of something big. Meditate on this. It’s not late because She’s got everything planned for us to pull us out of the whirlpool for what enslaves us and distances us from God. I want to put you in a position you are right now. Think of what’s going to happen the moment the secrets happen. I’m not talking about the 10 days. We know that. I’m not talking about the three days. We know the announcement is for 10 days the secret is coming and three days we will know what it is, but it hasn’t happened yet. Us, who are in tune, will know it. You and everybody else connected with Medjugorje will do everything you can to spread it. And there is going to be a lot of mocking, and laughing, how stupid, we’re idiots and some of the people even with Medjugorje has gone through that, that got tired, will think, “Oh, I don’t even believe that anymore.” But on that tenth day, the secret happens, what will the people across the whole world immediately start doing? Something happened this week is incredible. Instantly, out of a proxy, what is it going to be like to people. They’re out busy doing something, they’re working, they’re playing all over the place, all kinds of things. They’re going about their business. And from one moment to the next, they’re going to be on their knees.

Our Lady says, “I give you many signs.”

“…look at the signs of the times…” (May 2, 2009)

“God speaks through men and through nature and various ways.” (March 25, 1990)

And we got spoken to today.

We got a picture of what it’s going to be like.

We were given a gift this week, a prototype of what people are going to go one direction, instantly change in another direction. And if you asked that before it happened, and you told them, “You’re going to be brought to your knees,” even many of them maybe not going to church, don’t pray.

And this prototype was a peak of reality that they would say they would never be in the public praying on their knees, crying and begging God.

You’ve heard it on the news. The NFL football game, at the beginning, all those people in the stadiums. They got their plans, what they’re doing. Both teams got their plans, what they’re doing. And if you told them, “Y’all are going to be going back home. This game’s not going to continue, and you’re going to be on your knees.”

If somebody said that Damar Hamlin got hit in his chest, and he dropped dead. They worked on him for ten minutes, and they got his heart going, and it stopped again.

Everybody was shocked. Both sides of the teams, they’re crying. They’re all on their knees. The picture of them with them all the way around him, all on their knees, hugging each other, the stands, the 100,000 people standing up.

Both teams came together! Is that what’s going to happen with the Secrets to nonbelievers and the believers?

Just a few moments before, they were against each other.

And ten seconds before that happened, they could never imagine they would be on their knees, and they would be united. Because one was trying to defeat the other, and the other was trying to defeat them.

That’s what Our Lady’s doing!

Seeing that picture, it immediately came into my heart, “This is what’s going to happen when the Secrets are released!” They became one. Both games could not stomach and continue. All those people who paid all those tickets, they did the same thing. They went in a radically different direction. They would never have walked 180 direction from what their plans were.

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To me, it was awesome, incredible. And this is a sign. Look up the picture of all these guys, these tough guys.

You’ve got some of the football players won’t stand for the flag. But this event brought many people who would never, ever kneel down in the public, praying like that from the heart.

The message that I quoted, September 25, 2018, Our Lady said also,

“…Little children, how much you have answered to my call, God knows…”

And what you already heard,

“…I am calling you – it is not late…”

Don’t wait till the Secrets come. The clock is ticking. And I’m sure you’re devoted to Medjugorje when you go to bed, you’re thinking, from time to time, to Our Lady.

Sometimes, I’m in the Bed going around in a circle, what I think about the night before.

I don’t go to bed without my pacifier, which is the Rosary. I want it on my wrist, that when I wake up, it reminds me to pray.

Many people are going to be left behind.

You who have been following Our Lady, as the memories of your experience with Our Lady, walking with Her, you’re walking far ahead of many people, and often, you don’t have family that doesn’t. They go so slow, and they almost are left behind. And it’s heavy on many hearts, that you can’t bring people forward, especially the ones you love.

But of you, who follow Our Lady, time after time, if you fall, She will catch you. She’s waiting. And if you get lost, you can just gaze at Her picture, and She’ll find you again.

Our Lady said, time after time, what is coming. On February 23, 2015, Our Lady says,

“…in this time of grace which is coming…”

This is 2015. She’s not talking about the years that’s already passed. She says the grace that is coming.

“…pray more…”

And then She says, a couple sentences after that, She tells, for what?

“…for my intentions, for my plans which I desire to realize by my coming here…”

If you’re ready, if you’re not ready, you don’t know about Our Lady, the grace is coming.

The confusion that’s taking place is not new.

Man, through the cycles of the centuries, has time after time, lost his way. But never, in the history of the world, to the point where we are now.


Lying in my bed, I hear the clock tick and think of you. Turning in circles, confusion is nothing new. Flashback to warm nights, almost left behind. Suitcase of memories. Time after…

Sometimes you picture me. I’m walking too far ahead. You’re calling to me. I can’t hear what you’ve said. And you say, “Go slow.” I fall behind. The second hand unwinds.

If you’re lost, you can look, and you will find me, time after time. If you fall, I will catch you. I’ll be waiting, time after time. If you fall, I will catch you. I’ll be waiting, time after time. Time after time.

After your picture fades and darkness has turned to gray, watching through windows, I’m wondering if you’re okay. And you say, “Go slow.” I fall behind. The drum beats out of time.

If you’re lost, you can look, and you will find me, time after time. If you fall, I will catch you. I’ll be waiting, time after time. If you fall, I will catch you. I’ll be waiting, time after time. Time after time.

Time after time

Ooh, time after time. Time after time.


Our Lady is watching us, even if you’re lost. And you can look for Her and find Her.

If you fall, She’ll catch you. She’s waiting. Time after time.

We’re going to the time of grace.

Be ready.

With all our heart, we wish you Our Lady. We love you. Good night.

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From one moment to the next, tens of thousands of people’s plans radically changed.

Both teams who were adversaries, as well as the fans, were united by an event that changed their hearts.

When the first Secret begins, billions will fall to their knees with a radical change of heart.

These players and fans never could have known, in just a moment, they would be going from rooting and yelling to crying and praying

This is a prototype of what you are going to see all over the world.


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