This is a summary of this audio, what my interpretation of important words mentioned by FOM.

satan is trying to rule the world and destroy it. A big event like the Normandy invasion is close to happening. There was deception of the Germans back then and it is no different today.

You will discover that all events of today are coming through Medjugorje.

Our Lady said on the July 12 1984

Our Lady said on the August 2 1981

There are covert rules in War. We must confront the devil with the Power Of God. Our Lady said September 2 1981

satan is building an anti-Christ system. Our Lady is here to crush his head. The battle is now physical and no longer spiritual – Heaven V Earth. We are to conquer the unknown. Our Lady said on June 23 2017

The Democrats are evil. Republicans are worse because they hide their true feelings. Jesus says in Revelation I will spew you out of my mouth if you are neither hot nor cold. God would respect the Democrats more because at least they are revealing their true intentions.

There are 5 security levels in the USA: (Taken from Wikipedia 12/3/2019)

  • TOP SECRET – Will be applied to information in which the unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.
  • SECRET – Will be applied to information in which the unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the national security.
  • CONFIDENTIAL – Will be applied to information in which the unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the national security.
  • Q Clearance – Allows access to Classified information up to and including TOP SECRET data with the special designation: Restricted Data (TS//RD) and special Q-Cleared “security” areas. POTUS and Military.
  • L Clearance – Allows access to Classified information up to and including SECRET data with the special designation: Formerly Restricted Data (S//FRD) and special L-Cleared “limited” areas.

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There were known miracles happening during the Normandy invasion.

Our Lady said on April 25 1987

The threats that are unknown needs to be conquered. We need prayer and fasting to bring graces for those on the front line.

POTUS State of the Union address – many things he said is in The Messages.

“This moment”. What moment are we in? “This time of Our Lady”.

What will you do with this moment.

POTUS during recent SOU address

We are starting to see the fingerprint of Our Lady. I’m telling you what to do with this moment. I’m telling you to advance against satan. I’m telling you to change the world. I’m telling you to sacrifice yourself for the salvation of the world. Do Battle against evil.

Let’s uncover certain things. Something very profound happened on Thursday October 5 2017. Initial thoughts was that it was all about North Korea. Not so.

A side note from me, it is not proven but I noted the other day news stories saying NK had started to rebuild a missile launch pad it had dismantled in discussions with POTUS. I believe this to be FAKE news because they want to blame NK for what they [DS] are planning to do. Unknown things. Suspected bad things.

Apostle Of Our Lady – March 12 2019

POTUS had a meeting in the White House. It was unexpected. The media was invited for photos. It was probably a planning and strategy meeting. It involved the top generals, the brightest minds. Photos were with their wives and Melania too.

POTUS was heard to say to the media, who called it crypted messages.

You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the Calm Before The Storm. Could be the calm, – the calm before the storm.


Trump did not say this by accident – this is strategy.

We have the world’s great military people in this room – I will tell you that.


On October 12 2017 the press asked again “What storm Mr President?”

You’ll find out


The next day, is October 13 2017. satans 100 year reign was about to end. Do you think all this is just a coincidence?

On October 28 2017 something profound begins. Q. see website This Q is very close to Trump. Q is dropping intel with threads Q calls crumbs.

Q is either an individual or a group close to Trump and is alluding to things about the calm before the storm.

Q’s 1st statement is “The Calm Before The Storm”

Q on October 28 2017 – his 1st statement on the website

These messages are cryptic in nature, coded sometimes and military in understanding. Q says you have to think.

All this is part of the signs God gives us.

POTUS has a masterplan to counter coup against the [DS] members, against those who are trying to usurp the Government and destroy America. It is very logical to think why the generals are getting together.

POTUS is very serious about protecting the American people

Sarah Sanders

North Korea is not the threat. Entrenched in the Government there is a body of [DS] people. They are there to take over the Government and take over the Country.

You need to look at the news if you can get past the fake news. There are people who hate the USA and want it destroyed and are doing everything they can to destroy it.

The USA is the only Country that can bring a moral order to the whole world.

There is a strategy from Heaven to bring the whole world to the light. What did God do 2,000 years ago? Peter is buried in Rome.

Our Lady’s plans is to infiltrate the USA with goodness to change the world.

What happened thousand of years ago is happening now.

God instructed Joshua in a strategy to March around Jericho 7 times for 7 days. There were 7 Priests to lead the March. Something had to happen. Psychologically. The 7th time Joshua came out earlier, blew the trumpets, over 200,000 soldiers shouted, this scared the Jericho people out of their wits This was a strategy to win by God. 7 x 7 x 7. They had the Ark of the Covenant to lead them.

All future events are coming through Medjugorje – through the Queen of Peace. There are good actors and bad actors. Our Lady is dropping intel from Heaven.

Who is the Ark of the Covenant today? Look to the last verse of Chapter 11 in Revelation. It is Our Lady – the Queen of Peace. The big Q. She is sending Secret Codes. November 2 2014 and see March 21 1988

What happened when POTUS recently went to North Korea?

Obama preceded him and he went to Iran to subvert The President. Obama gave Iran the Nuclear potential through the Uranium deal. This is a threat to America.

Around 90 out of his final days as President, Obama sent military plane loads of cash to foreign countries. One plane had $400 million.

What do you think the Military would do if they saw this? What do you think they would say to Trump? What would Trump say to the Military?

And then on November 1 2017 Q said:

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