Good morning. Please sit down. I was just having dinner with Bishop Schneider. And they were clapping for him and he just said, sit down. He’s a hero. He’s a superstar. I’m just by default happened to be here today. I had to say that little introduction when he was talking about the New World Order and the Globalists and I was getting excited over there. I want to hear whoever talks about that. I guess it’s me.

But then let us begin with a prayer taken from the bravery, the Liturgy of the Hours that the priest enters into every day. It’s from midday prayer. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sanctus Amen. As we pray this, let’s keep Peter Rosae and his family in our prayers.

Help us Oh, lord to learn the truth. Thy word in parts. To study that thy laws may be inscribed upon our hearts. Help us to live the faith which we proclaim that all our thoughts and words and deeds may glorify Your name. Help us O Lord to teach the beauty of your ways that yearning souls may find the Christ and sing aloud his most great Father and having looked down upon your children gathered here this day, and your spirit down upon them and fill them with the grace they need to be witnesses of faith into martyrdom, red or white. Let us be a light of Christ in this ever darkening world? And we asked this grace in the name of the Father and of the Son of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It’s a word of warning. Sometimes people get upset with my manner in tone. I don’t think that’s going to be a big problem here but give you a roadmap of where we’re going on and talk about the state of the world. What does it mean even this Russian error that people talk about?

People had to take a test and their eternal soul depended upon answering that correctly. If there’d be a lot that fail. How has it played out in the world for the last 100 years? What do we now face and where’s our hope? That’s kind of a little roadmap.

As I always tried to do I try to give you your money’s worth, but don’t get shocked if no matter what I say, I end with hope. If only I was in Maryland two days ago to support a candidate that was running for governor, this candidate Dan Cox isn’t even Catholic. Dan Cox has 10 children. So he’s more Catholic than Jorge Bergoglio who told us quit breeding like rabbits. Almighty God said Go forth and multiply. God bless you, Dan Cox. For the record, Almighty God alone decides when there are too many people on this earth, not Barack Hussein Obama not Hillary Clinton not Klaus Schwab, not Anthony Fauci, not Jorge Bergoglio.

Dan Cox’ 10th child a little boy named Caleb I got to hold a really blessed usually wherever I go, I get to hold the baby you know, I wanted 13. Caleb has Down syndrome. It’s maybe a year old. And the doctors told him and his wife to murder that baby in her womb. They said no glory be to God. Because I got to call them before going on to the stage and speaking, God bless Dan Cox.

He’s running against the Democratic Party in Maryland that recently tried to pass a law that would allow infanticide up to 28 days after birth, what that has to do with the health of the mother? Why 28 days, by the way, there’s five states pushing for this. Why 28 days you might ask why? Why are there why not say 21 days or 35 days what’s up with the 28 days?

Because dear family, satanists’ follow the 28 day lunar cycle and they need live sacrifice of babies during that 28 day period. So by getting a law and it came this close to reaching the floor of the Maryland legislature. By passing such a law, they would be immune from the satanic sacrifice of a baby that was 28 days old or less.

By the way, as I said it should be obvious has nothing to do with the health of the mother as she recoups. 35 years as a pediatric doctor, former Surgeon General of the United States said in his 35 years, he had not seen a single instance where an abortion was ever necessary to save the mother. It’s a lie. There’s a commandment against lying against bearing false witness against the baby in the womb. There’s a commandment against it. They count it’s not nine on a 10 ain’t bad. Don’t bear false witness against that baby in the womb. Because God will damn you and it’s our job to tell people that not, be a wimpy pansy, like we’ve been, which I call politically correct over the past 60-70 years.

So I’m hypersensitive and misinformed people who have not been taught the truth of our faith for the past six years. I think you’ve probably heard me say it before. I’m sitting in Bishop Callaghan’s office knee to knee basically. And he’s getting all upset with me because I preach the truth with vigor. And I said to him, I’ve been teaching my people the truth of the faith for four years. And they’re entitled to the meat and potatoes and they want the meat and the potatoes and he said yes, but 80% of Catholics don’t know right from wrong because we bishops have failed to teach them for the last 50 years.

Which I responded “Did you hear what you just said?” You just said that you have failed to teach to people right from wrong for 50 years. I’m trying to do that and you’re giving me a hard time to which he responded and this is a quote, “I’m very uncomfortable with this conversation”.

I couldn’t make that up – he won’t talk to me personally and he knows I can and will use it against him – that lawyer in me. People are uncomfortable with the truth but I’m not here to make people feel comfortable, I’m here to make it clear that there are two roads.

Jesus said there are two roads, the narrow road and the broad one. I’m here to paint the lines on the side of the road so that you can choose which road you want to travel, and if you’re trying to travel along that narrow road, you’re gonna see where not to go off the road. The same conversation with Tanisha.

It’s not in here by the way, you can tell when I go off script. I look up and the hands start moving. So I explained to him there was a case in law school, where the road department had failed to maintain the lines on the side of the road. It was a dark and stormy night, a young man missed the turn ran off the road and died and his parents sued the road department for their negligence for failing to paint those lines on the side of the road and they won the case. So I said to Bishop, I’m just trying to paint the lines and he said words to this effect, this isn’t a verbatim quote but it’s pretty darn close. “I never thought of it that way”.

You know I’m rarely at a loss for words, but that kind of stuff just leaves me speechless. I’m here to paint the lines on the side of the road so that you can choose what road you want to go on. And just for fun and for the record. Let me state the obvious you cannot be a Democrat and be a Catholic.

I was out with General Flynn, here I go off the record again. He invited me up to this big event with 7000 Protestants roughly in Post Falls Idaho. And I went up there yeah, looking like this. And I said “Many of you perhaps have heard me say you can’t be a Catholic and a Democrat. But I’m here to tell you today you can’t be a Christian and a Democrat” And 7000 people cheered.

Because you can’t be here people say I get so upset. Here people say well, I’m just trying to change the party from within. Can you carry the card of a Nazi? And then say, well, I disagree personally with Hitler gassing those Jews, but I’m going to try to change the party from within. Can you be a Nazi? No. Can you be a Democrat? No. You don’t have to take my word for it.

Long before but certainly since Pius the ninth in 1849. This has been the crystal clear teaching of the Catholic Church, 166 years straight might be 167 now. So as I asked the lady at the front desk because it’s computer room wasn’t working properly last night, at 1:30 in the morning. I said to just print me out the first 10 pages, because there’s a lot of pages there. And that’s why I had other pages that I could use and because I knew it was 89 pages long.

And there’s about three minutes to a page so that’s 270 minutes. That’s four and a half hours it’s that long, you’d be sitting here, thankfully the chairs are comfortable. Anyway, she forgot about the 10 pages and all the sudden started printing the mountain, she said how long is this? I said I told you the first 10.

Anyway, so I haven’t changed the 166 it might be 167 years Pope Pius the ninth from 1846 to 1878 published his encyclical Gnosis at an OB school on December 8, 1849 that I’m sure that number you all know for that day. This is the Immaculate Conception and this is what he said, quote “You are aware indeed this is 1849. You are aware indeed that the goal of this most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this socialism and communism by confusing them with perverted teaching”.

We knew this on the face of the Immaculate Conception 1849. There’s no confusion here. He was straightforward in his language. He didn’t mince words. He understood and we should understand the absolute evil of socialism. And the insidious seduction, which it confuses us not unlike satan in the garden.

Pope Leo the 13th, Pope from 1878 to 1903 wrote in his 1878 encyclical, quote apostolate chi Moneris -that Socialists were, do you know what, the word Nazi stands for? National Socialists, but you don’t take my word for it. Pope Leo the 13th wrote in his 1878 encyclical “Socialists were a sect that threatens civil society with destruction” and 23 years later, that same Pope Leo the 13th wrote in his 1901 encyclical Gravis State community that “socialism was the enemy of society and of religion”. So between 1846 and 1901, a period of 55 years the Pope made it clear socialism is an evil enemy.

If you’re here today: Oh, that’s just a modern conspiracy theory, the recognition of the evils of socialism goes way back to at least 1846. We all know Pope St. Pius the 10th – Pope from 1903 to 1914. In 1910, he wrote against the French Socialist Movement. This is what he said listen to his words. “The dream of reshaping society, that will bring socialism”. But watch what he really says next, “but stranger still alarming and saddening, at the same time are the audacity and frivolity of men who call themselves Catholics” and then in parentheses, he put in Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

Sometimes I just can’t help myself, et cetera, et cetera, “in dreams of reshaping society under such conditions and establishing on earth over and beyond the pale of the Catholic Church”

The reign of love and justice, the reign of love is love. I really think I say it here but it’s worth saying now. Love is love only moron says something so stupid. Love, isn’t love, love is a crucifix. Love is sacrificing yourself out of love for the other. Love is self sacrifice. Not Love is Love, this is self indulgent, selfish, take unto oneself whatever one wants. That’s not love.

St. Pius the 10th could have written this in the United States in 2022. Except as I said he would include the terms build back better, which is a euphemism for the Great Reset, which is euphemism for the New World Order, which is a euphemism for One World Godless, socialist government underpinning of which would be a Novus Ordo, One World religious service. It’s not by accident that Jorge Bergoglio went off was just about a month ago over to Kazakhstan.

Bishop Barron is Jesus just a privileged way, Bishop Barron? I’m talking about it here but I just have to say it because somebody is gonna have to cut, I don’t know what time I don’t pay attention to that. But I know there’s somebody else coming up right after me. So you’ll just have to, It’s okay that’s enough father for one day.

The life lesson of rat poison. Why does the Rat eat poison in the box? because I used to think as a little boy it must taste horrible. I don’t eat my vegetables. I’m not eating rat poison. But as it was explained to me by priests in a magnificent homily. The reason they eat the rat poison because is because like 90% of what’s in that box tastes really, really good to a rat, the poisons all mixed in there. He can’t tell the difference it gobbles it all down. It kills him dead.

Same for our faith. If you don’t know your faith, you’re vulnerable to the rat poison. You’re vulnerable to all that really nice stuff, he’s a nice guy who’s one of my professors in the seminary, Bishop Barron.

But if you don’t know your faith, you’re vulnerable. Jesus is no way Bishop Barron, he’s not the privilege way. Don’t add words to Jesus. Jesus said quote in Sacred Scripture “I am the Way the Truth and the Life”. Bishop Barron don’t you dare. That is, that is heresy. That is apostasy. Bishop Baron, you’re feeding your people rat poison when you dare to insert your own word in the middle of Jesus’s sentence. Are you kidding me? You’re a monster and a miter. You’re leading lambs astray.

I’ll be talking about that. I’ll get as far as that at least. Anyway, New World Order mass, which is why Jorge Bergoglio is working overtime through his appointee Cardinal Roche to destroy the traditional mass, because it stands completely in the way of the Novus Ordo. The New Order mass which will fit nicely as I said, along with the New World Order.

Pope Benedict the 15th Pope from 1914 to 1922, wrote in his 1914 encyclical, Well, I don’t expect you to remember all this, but what I do expect you to get is a sense of the overwhelmingness of the truth. And the overwhelmingness of the lies were being fed by the hierarchy, the church with very few exceptions. Pope Benedict the 15th, wrote in his 1914 encyclical Advait BIA to May a TC ne Apostolorum “that the condemnation of socialism should never be forgotten”. Pope Pius 11, the Pope from 22 to 39 wrote in his 1931 encyclical quadrate JC mulatto, “that socialism was fundamentally contrary to Christian truth”.

We have five points. This talk about five straight popes from 1846 before the Civil War to 1939 on the eve of World War Two a period of 93 years, all saying the same thing socialism is evil. Then we have Pius the 12th Pope from 39 to 58. And this 1952 radio address in Vienna, he said the church will fight to the end, in defense of supreme values threatened by socialism.

And finally John the 23rd Pope from 58 to 63. In his 1961 encyclical moderate Magister he wrote that no Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism. So there you have it. Imagine my surprise then. When some bishops in the United States, the majority got very upset when I quoted 166 years worth of the Pope’s including two saints who also said you can’t be socialist and be a Catholic.

What’s your problem? Bishops? Thankfully, as Cardinal Burke said at first he said it best when I die, I’ll stand in judgment before the Lord our God not before the USCCB.

So let’s get to the heart of the matter, what is the Russian error about which our Blessed Mother warned us about? The simplest way to understand the error is thus: godless human beings essentially rewrite the sign that says Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth to read: Our help us in ourselves and our government.

Knowing that I was only gonna have a limited amount of time that you can see, I cross out a whole bunch of stuff of that at night. There’s not there’s not time to go into details, but understand that the Russian error as it was put into practice was to destroy faith and family. And here it is, in a nutshell, our Christian faith defines each one of us, including Caleb Cox, as the Imago Dei are made in the image and likeness of our God.

Each of us is uniquely created by our God who loves each one of us as His priceless creation. Within the Russian error with socialism, no matter whether it’s Nazis or communists, it turns human beings into expendable cogs in the machine and thus establishes a very utilitarian approach to valuing humans, solely on what they can produce.

You see this in stark clarity in camps like Auschwitz, I just visited there for the 11th time in July. The 11th time was as bad as the first I saw somebody it was last night. This time I took my nephew, high school graduation president thought I was pretty much immune to that place. always aware of its horror, but immune until like how many people have been there until I walked into the room with little kids shoes I started to cry.

Auschwitz teaches us what socialism does, where women, men and children, all folks and the infirm were marched straight into the gas chamber. There’s a big picture on the wall there. And it shows the people getting off the train and it shows the SS officers standing there and he would eat as each person rocked up before me, point right or point left.

To the right I think it was made immediately to the gas chamber and of course the person standing there didn’t know that every old person every woman, every child is straight to the gas and they had no use for them. If you’re a young healthy man, they would they’d marched you off in this direction so you’d be a slave labor they wouldn’t feed you until you just emaciated & died or sent you to the gas chamber. You’re a utilitarian.

How did the big guys put into effect the Russian error? It began by destroying faith and family by establishing toxic feminism and toxic feminism, which predicated a woman’s value based on what she could produce in the marketplace. In other words, a woman only had value if she could work outside the home in order for that to happen think Russia in 1917.

Obviously, she could not bear children inside the womb for nine months. So the Russian error introduced artificial contraception. And should that tactic come up short, but she actually did become pregnant. Then it was important to eliminate the clump of cells. We used to say you’re “with child”, all of a sudden the word changed Oh, you’re pregnant. Even when terminating a pregnancy. Australian terminate a with child language matters.

So the Russian error introduced abortion, murdering the baby in the womb, calling it a clump of cells calling it a fetus. Is that by the way? The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. He didn’t say you’re gonna bear a clump of cells. He didn’t say you’re gonna bear a fetus. You’re going to bear the Son of God.

Should that tend to come up short and the woman actually gives birth to a baby, the Russian error introduced daycare at the earliest possible age for the dual purpose,

  • one of getting that woman back to work and
  • two putting that child at the youngest possible age into family bond destroying daycare, especially government funded daycare where the child could be indoctrinated directly, intentionally and even more insidiously in the socialist ideology that devalues parents all authority.

Why do you think they’re trying to teach little kids under the age of puberty?

Oh, yeah, little boy, you think you might be a girl? You’re a little confused. But hey, we’ll support you. We’re not going to tell your parents.

Lenin famously and essentially said give me a child for four years and I’ll have him for life. Why do you think they’re putting the little kids that eventually did get born into Russian indoctrination camps? Called what do we call it now? Pre K, Headstart.

I’ll be talking about that in a second.

That is the Russian error removing God as creator of priceless human beings, made in His image and likeness and replacing God with a Godless civil government that puts a price on everyone’s head, based on what the person’s worth is to the government.

This whole thing that Obama did, this nationalist socialist health care what sounds like a good idea. I know everybody I’ve ever talked to said my insurance rates went up. Here’s what’s gonna happen, you hit 70 you’re no longer valuable to the government, in fact, your a drag so we’re not going to pay for any operation you may need.

We’re not going to try to heal you, but you can have a pill, they’re doing that in other countries of the world. Western Europe has just gone nuts, the Netherlands is gone. Canada, exactly, Canada. I suspect you readily recognize these things from US history. The outward signs of this actually happening here in our country.

I remember as if it were yesterday being in grade school in the mid 60’s in the Catholic school. The book, the pictures were black and white because we couldn’t afford the colour books that the public schools had. I was sitting there and I remembered as it was yesterday, there’s two pages open in the book. And down here in the bottom left hand corner was a picture of an Israeli daycare place at Israel at the time.

And I think there still is mandatory military service for all young men and women and as it happens, no big surprise, some of these young men and women got married and some were having babies. So the government had to set up daycare. And the story I read my geography textbook back in the 60s, was a study that showed how that, compared to children living at home with mommy care there is no substitute.

These children in daycare were failing to thrive. I’m sick and tired of people saying to me, well, they went to daycare and they turned out okay. He’s okay. It’s not the standard by which God will judge any one of us. Okay, it’s not good enough for Almighty God. Jesus did not say well, I’ve worked a few miracles, good enough your salvation I’m going back to heaven. Jesus went to Calvary, again, we’ve gotta get this straight in our heads.

Okay, is not the standard. The standard of Almighty God is perfection as always, don’t take my word for it. Jesus says so be perfect. For the slam dunk. I love this line. Our Blessed Mother did not shuffle Jesus off to daycare so that she could pursue a career. Get it straight, dear family. Daycare is not from heaven. It is a man made device from hell.

And okay is not the standard. I just researched all this. I like to fact check myself.

So I researched all this Israeli daycare. Just listen to what I found, a website that boasts, I found this Wednesday. So what’s the Sunday on Wednesday? A website that boasted as follows, this is verbatim. “Neha marks the largest provider of child care services in Israel, welcomes 17,000 preschool boys and girls to its 200 centers into a warm, nurturing learning environments in which they develop the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. Our world renowned daycares for children ranging from ages three months up to three years?”

Recognize I’m quoting “recognizing the importance of early childhood education. NEMA pioneered preschool education programs that became the model for Project Headstart in the United States.”

Do the math 17,000 children, three and under in 200 centers that’s 85 precious children per center. We’ve known since the 60’s. That was a bad idea. In 2011, the US Department of Health and Human Services Commissioned a study to evaluate Headstart effectiveness. Headstart was launched in 1965. So they had 46 years worth of data. And at the time, the US government had spent 180 billion on the program. And at the time of the study, the program was serving over 1 million children in all 50 states at a cost of about $8,000 per student, over three years as $24,000, where they get all that money?.

The study found that the program had only a small positive impact on children’s experiences only through the preschool years. But nevertheless advantages that they’d gained in Headstart you live only a few statistically significant differences in outcomes by the end of first grade. To hear that again. The US Department of Health and Human Services found few statistically significant differences despite paying $8,000 per child per year. The study led the time columnist Joe Klein, hardly a conservative rag to say that the study was comprehensive, the positive effects were minimal and vanished by the end of first grade.

Headstart simply does not work.

Isn’t every mother, some people don’t like to hear this, every mother who doesn’t like to hear that put their kids in daycare you swallowed some of the rat poison and wonder why so many kids that isn’t you know, as a lawyer had to deal with kids that were shoved to the side so mummy could have a career. Kids that acted out and were juvenile delinquents.

A juvenile delinquent comes before me in my office and you don’t need to tell me a thing kid, I can already describe for you your family life or lack of family life.

I was in Fatima. I’m off the track again. I was in Fatima, I took two months – seniors on a pilgrimage first to knock. Then we went to Fatima. Well, we arrived after 13 or 14 hours of travel in knock and it was 6:30 at night in November, it was cold and damp and foggy and dark, and the three of us are walking over in our class to go celebrate the mass of the Church of the apparition, and out of the mist appears a lady named Mary.

It wasn’t her (pointing to a statue of Our Blessed Mother Mary).

It was a real person, it’s just can we, can I go to Mass with you? Well, of course. Any shepherd of the church any father of the church that locked you out of your church during this last two years. What kind of father won’t feed his child? Jesus said unless you eat my body and drink my blood you do not have life within you – but I’m going to starve you for two years.

Monsters, monsters in mitres. Right so we get done with mass, back to Fatima and as she said, can you have breakfast with me tomorrow morning? the three of us so we can’t, work we’ve got to catch up. We got to drive back to Dublin catch a flight to Lisbon to get to Fatima. So oh you’re going to Fatima I have a friend over there named Armando, and I have some books I want to get where you can I can I at least meet you in the morning. Give me those books and you can take him to the Fatima.

Okay, so by the time we got to hotel in Fatima, there’s a note waiting for us at the desk Armando wants to see you so here’s where you know we reach these forks in the road and I’m exhausted because as a tour leader, it’s all the pressure is all on me. I wanted to go to bed and take a nap in the worst way. No, gotta go down. Three of us went down. There’s Armando. Turns out he’s kind of a local legend. He owns a hotel that the bishop celebrates a mass once a week in his hotel and he’s like the Uber tour guide.

And he was so excited to see three American priests that he insisted we get in his van for free and he took us all around the sites we wouldn’t even have seen on other sites, if you’ve been there you would have seen was the house of Jacinta and Francisco. So he parks, he takes us in and you walk in you know it’s right there. I mean, right there. There’s Francisco’s bed that he died in. There’s a little room here and then you turn this way and go to the right and there’s a there’s like a living room with the whole wall is a fireplace.

So Armando walks in ahead of us and three of us walking me all of a sudden he whips around and he said this is what’s wrong with the world today. Well, I wasn’t expecting a lesson at that point, but okay. And he said, in 1917 the family gathered every day, every evening in this room, and they lived as a family. And nowadays, every kid has their own bedroom. Every kid has their own cell phone. Every kid has their own computer.

Listen, if you’re parents, if you’re a grandparent, you better be schooling your own kids about their grand your grandkids. You give a kid a cell phone or access to a computer you’re sitting in your dereliction of duty, the age now the average age for boys seeing porn is eight. And you say, well, my kid doesn’t have a cell phone. Well, maybe his friends do. The average age is eight.

So Armando tells us this is what’s wrong. We’ve lost family, I’ve never forgotten that lesson right there in Fatima. By the way, it’s you that gets you right there. I had a minor miracle occurred to me right there at where those kids are, that’s an angel piece, giving them holy communion through a whole set of series of stuff I can’t go into because I’m already running out of time.

I think I met an old man over there and I wouldn’t go into it, just miraculous. Providence beyond measure.

I was with two doctors, my personal doctor and taking them on pilgrimage. And we took the right and we went up to the top of the hill and we were looking for the angel apiece. And that one doctor I’m looking at the calvary scene, one of the badges leaning over talking to somebody and I’m thinking “Who do you know over here and who’s speaking the language”? So I walked over and this old man and his wife look up at me and they said, Are you a Catholic priest?

Well, I kinda look like this. I said, come on down this way. I’ve always wanted to ask the Catholic priests some questions. So you come down back that path and I’ll meet you at the fork and then I’ll take us to the angel piece. I’ll ask you some questions. And then we had a little photo op there. And then as we start to walk down the first words out of his mouth, remember he wants to ask the Catholic priests some questions. He said, “somebody has told me just yesterday that the Federal Reserve is privately owned”.

Well, as soon as he said that the two doctors looked at each other because they’ve heard me talk before and they knew what was coming. A half hour later. I explained him on Jekyll Island off the coast. I think he’s a Georgian. These eight people, including representatives of JP Morgan and some other the ones that belong to the they’re on the bank of Germany, the Rothschilds they met on this island because they prepared the blueprint for the Federal Reserve, modeled after the Bank of England and anyway, so I get done with this whole spiel which I had been studying for decades.

They said well, you know, where I come from, we call it Jekyll Island, because I was born on Jekyll Island, and I know the exact club you’re talking about where these people met. What are the chances that I get lost? Take the wrong path in Fatima, one of my pilgrims leans over, starts chatting up with this guy, and all of a sudden we go down and the first question he asked a Catholic priest, what are the chances? Our Blessed Mother saw to it that day, I was affirmed in all that I say about the evil of the globalists.

Anyway, how much time is it? One page, I’m on page 11 of about 19. So I’m about halfway through is that okay? I don’t I don’t Okay. So, just a joke about the time business I don’t wear a watch. A phone are an annoyance to me.

By the way, when I went to high school, we had 500 kids it was, I hear parents say well, my kid needs a cell phone cause there’s – he needs something or there’s an emergency or he needs to call him. I went to high school I find her kids in my school. We have one payphone costs a dime outside the cafeteria and you couldn’t hog the line because other people might need to use it. What it taught us is responsibility. I couldn’t just call up mom and say, Hey, I forgot my track shoes or I’ve forgot my homework.

I did, I had to pack my book bag the day before. Be ready, teach us for preparation. This whole business but everybody needs a cell phone. This is why women have to work to afford all the extra cell phones, and the cable and the internet and the three cars, and I when I was in school I had this old rust bucket of a car and I looked down at school my house as low as Bill over the school parking lot. And I see all these kids driving these really shiny nice cars, their values in the car not in their family.

Her motto was was quite correct. Anyway. I better I better cut this out. No I’ve got to say it.

Jesus said to His disciples things that cause sin will inevitably occur but woe to the person to whom they occur. It would be better for him if millstone a great millstone were put around his neck and he’d be thrown into the deep blue sea. I put the word deep in there. The sea meant for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.

So to properly understand what Jesus said there you need to understand what I call the life lesson of bad is one of these lessons that just came to me as I’m trying to teach high schoolers for six years, juniors and seniors who are pretty sharp on their feet.

Goes like this when I was a boy and I acted like a bad boy I was punished because bad is bad, bad is not good. A few weeks ago I looked it up again I Fact check myself, already looked it up on the definition Merriam Webster when something like this definition bad said

  • failing to reach an acceptable standard,
  • poor or bad repair job
  • or a morally objectionable evil bad men.

There are actually nine number definitions before a new one, number 10 came along which added to adapt the word bad to an entirely new cultural definition. That bad is good. I think a Michael Jackson album in 1987 Bad where I’m bad. Became I’m good.

In short, to understand the meaning of the word you must know the way the word was used and the time and place of the culture in which it was spoken. Therefore, let us understand the Jewish culture 2000 years ago, when Jesus said quote “things that cause sin will inevitably occur, but woe to the person to whom they occur it would be better for him if the millstone were put around his neck, maybe thrown into the sea, then for him to cause when these little ones to sin”.

And most people think Jesus was just kind of only talking about better the person endure capital punishment than lead his children to sin. I remember, we must understand the culture to get the true meaning what Jesus said.

There were many forms of capital punishment in his day. He didn’t he never said oh capital punishment is bad. Jorge Bergoglio unilaterally decided that was the case and rewrote the Catechism, isn’t that special?

How many popes that we had? 248 or something like that? Some big number. He decides that he can just say capital punishment is bad. I could go into that hole, that takes an hour just talking about that.

Anyway, but Jesus could have said better you are stoned to death which is a horror than leave my little children astray. Where it could have said better, you are crucified which as you know it’s far worse in terms of physical agony and humiliation. But He didn’t use those two methods of capital punishment or any other normal methods for capital punishment when Jesus handed down to us His teaching, his directive of just how bad it is for people to lead his children astray.

Jesus used the great millstone tied around your neck and drowned in the deep blue sea as example. Why? Because in the Jewish culture of Jesus’s day, no matter how you died by natural causes or by capital punishment, it was necessary to have a proper burial. It was necessary that you properly buried even heinous criminals who had been crucified. That is why it was imperative for his disciples to get Jesus off the cross. They went into the lion’s den, they had to go to Pilate, hey, can we have his body and bury him?

Let’s see. He says 10 minutes so I’ve gotta go fast.

Which they did, now listen closely.

If in the Jewish culture, you did not get a proper burial, it meant that you would burn in hell for eternity. That is why Jesus used the great millstone, not just an ordinary one. But the massive, heavy great millstone, which absolutely, unequivocally would drag you down to the bottom of the sea where you would not get a proper burial. Which meant you would burn in hell for eternity.

So connect the dots that your family understand the culture and understands Jesus’s words and teaching what Jesus said that day. Jesus said it would be better for you to be damned by Almighty God to the eternal fires of hell than to lead my children astray. Because they are present day embodiments of the Russian error that destroys faith and family, artificial contraception, abortion, daycare, tools of toxic feminism, also that women can find their value not in what Almighty God created them to be.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it’d be like to have my heart beating right here, my baby’s heart within me beating for pretty much nine months, to be able to feed my baby with my own body to pass my immune system to my own, but I can’t even imagine. God made me man. So I gotta suck it up. I wanted 13 kids.

I’ll skip that part because they do have to zip along here.

Feminism. We’re drowning in it. Remember Helen Reddy had that? Oh, here I am woman hear me war. Shut up. Helen.

Mary didn’t say that, she’s dead now (Helen Reddy he is referring to). Toxic feminism. Well, they bought right into it almost like a teenage boy woke up and said oh, they just did. They just made my dreams come true, promiscuity amongst women. Our stupid Toxic Feminists are to not understand what we always knew was true.

Men respect women who say no. But again, don’t take my word for it in a secular world. It always was the pretty young virgins who got thrown into the volcano, pagans understood the value of purity and chastity in young women. It’s taken us modern society, the Russian error to think otherwise. If there’s a struggle with that, you just have to understand you’ve been fed some of the rat poison. Feminism is toxic.

I better go quickly.

Here in the early 1900’s are awesome incomprehensibly wealthy people, who endeavor to amass even greater wealth and power to themselves, you know them by some of the mythological names like the Rockefellers, JP Morgan, the Gettys, Carnegie, Mellon and in the early 1900’s about a controlling interest in the top 25 newspapers in our country, because control the media control the message, control the message control the people.

What have we seen over the last two years? they control the message and they cancelled anybody who even dared to suggest otherwise. Understand that they completely control the country now.

The whole comprehension of this can be summed up in the confession of David Rockefeller in 2002. In his own autobiography in his own memoirs, he said this, this is a quote “For more than a century so talking early 1900’s. More than a century ideological extremists on either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well publicized incidents, such as my encounter with Castro, a communist to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure one world if you will, if that’s a charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.”

It’s not, It’s not a conspiracy theory. They admit it. Nowhere did David Rockefeller say my help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven on earth. No. Our Blessed Mother warned us about this in 1917. But remember, I said to you earlier, Pope Pius the ninth is warning about this on the feast of the immaculate conception in 1849.

Just quickly, in 2011, 388 people owned as much as half the world’s population, in other words, 388 people and as much as the bottom 3 billion.

Minutes I’ve got five minutes okay.

In 2019 that was just down to 26. And as much wealth as half the world no matter how you spin it, dear family, the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few is a reflection of the Russian error where a handful of power brokers at the top exercise absolute dominion over all of us, and we saw that within two weeks, they shut down the entire globe over the feardemic.

Just call, there’s so much I could talk about, just understand the Russian error global Communism and mere handful of comrades at the top. Everybody else at the bottom and there is no middle class and that’s what they did. Walmart got to stay open, every small business had to close, they did this on purpose to destroy us. And we know exactly who has this plan and their Temptation of Christ the devil took Jesus to the top of the mountain all this is mine, I’ll give it to you if you’ll just bow down and worship me.

When you see people of power and wealth. You don’t even need to guess who they serve. And it isn’t God, Anthony Fauci. Oh my goodness, the World Economic Forum remember Klaus Schwab.

I go really fast now.

Klaus Schwab said at this year’s Davos conference, we have the solutions for the world today. Plus, Schwab’s dad was BFF with Hitler, who had the final solution when Klaus Schwab said that this year in Davos, our blood should have run cold. He is evil, they are all evil. Our Blessed Mother warned us about it, because she loves us but understand that does not mean that we will be protected in our temporal lives, any more than she protected her divine Son in his temporal life.

Rather it means that she will protect our eternal souls now at the hour of our death, amen. Remember, Jesus said, we can’t complain about the suffering we’re about to endure. If they hated me, they’ll hate you. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you. So where’s our hope? Our hope is in the name of the Lord. First always, and are doing His will. So the question we have to ask ourselves, Am I willing to do as well and..

Down to my last page?

Well, are we willing to ask and answer the question? As the cast descends upon us, will I offer myself as a living sacrifice and serve the Lord in other words, am I willing to be David? Ember got plus one is the majority. Are you willing to be the desert David in the room? Are you willing to be Gideon? Are you willing to be San Jose Luis Sanchez Del Rio who at the age of 14, the Mexican socialists, tortured him stabbed him, and as he fell to the ground dying, he traced the cross in his own blood. And we’re willing to do that.

By the way, if you haven’t seen for greater glory, the movie see it. Our hope is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth and are we willing to follow him to Calvary and to heaven? Or are we going to follow the broad road of destruction to hell? The choice is ours, may our Blessed Mother, help guide us and all this and God bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.