by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the Catholic Church, to have a valid marriage, several things are required, among which are that 1) the couple be both baptized Christians, one of whom is a Catholic, 2) they enter into a marriage bond for the purpose of having Children as God willed this to happen, 3) they do not deny the Catholic doctrine on Marriage in those things which pertain to validity of such a bond: such as only a man and a woman can marry validly, and that God is the creator and author and sole authority in how to use the powers of procreation.

But for those who are contemplating taking the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine, you should fear for your immortal souls, not only for your lives, because by transgressing the Law of God expressed in our genetic heritage, and daring to act with impudent rebellion and alter your genetic heritage by taking the Vaccine, you will break the covenant you have forged with God in baptism, and merit eternal damnation and all the punishments consequent to that crime. Read remainder of the post.

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