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In fact, avoid any meeting that divides you into smaller groups.

Why do they do this? To divide and conquer.

I will get some deeper information to you when I remember where I was taught this, as I wanted to get this down as an article today whilst it was fresh in my memory – but as a quick summary, there are always people in the room that are influencers. People that cannot be tricked, they know a thing or two and if your agenda is to do bad things and sway the room to your thinking, these influencers will destroy your evil agenda quick smart. The best way to avoid this is to limit the disruption to one table. See image below.

There is a reason the image at the top of the page was placed here on this article. It is the stone remembrance of the 50 year anniversary that evil men decided to plot against Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church, to infiltrate it and Destroy it.

Guess what? It’s not happening. Not on my watch. Jesus and His Mother together with the Heavenly Father have charged many people on this Earth to fix this. And fix it I will, together with many other men of this world. I will need divine help, which has been promised by The Blessed Virgin.

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