[Podcast] (28 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje In this special broadcast from December 2012, he tells about the tipping points that we reached 11 years ago and all we need to do to restore everything.

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The subject matter contained in this presentation is based on Biblical principles and designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that neither the presenter nor the broadcaster is engaged to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Since your situation is fact-dependent, you may wish to additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, real estate, or investment professional.





This is Mejanomics with a Friend of Medjugorje.



Have we reached the tipping point?

What does that even mean?

What does it mean by the phrase, and the proverbial saying, finally the straw that broke the camel’s back, after he’s had tons and tons of straw put on him?

So, where are we going? Where are we headed?

Is it a scary road and path?

Most certainly it is, or Our Lady would never have said, “For the one who fasts is not afraid of evil. The one who prays is not afraid of the future.” Or vice versa. (January 25, 2001)

She said these things because there’s a reason to be frightful. And after our inauguration this January—I think it’s the 20th, you’re going to see a lot of things unfold very quickly, covertly to start with, but they eventually manifest. Because those who make war start it in the heart. And for those who’ve read They Fired the First Shot, which is a required reading if you’re in the Medjugorje world. If you have Baptists reading it, Mormons reading it, atheists reading this book, why have you not, who are following Our Lady? It’s pertinent in the content of the day, rather, of the messages and where we’re headed.

And we’re at a tipping point. The thing that’s going to happen, it’s going to be tipping against us. But what will be our reaction?

Our Lady, last month, said, November 25th—not this December 25th—November 25, 2012,

“…I am with you and I protect you from the ruin of [your] sin[s]…”

An incredible thing. “I see what’s coming,” She says. “You’re headed for trouble. You have ruin in your future. But I’m here to protect you what you’re due. You’re going to get due process. You’re going to be able to appeal to Me and use God’s mercy.”

And that’s what Our Lady said yesterday to Jakov, to surrender and to be able to live God’s mercy, because Jesus wants to give us this. It’s very important—urgently important—that we recognize the signs of the times and this moment so that we can make the decisions and know what to do to react and counter-react to when the tipping point happens.


This is an address that Archbishop Fulton Sheen gave on January 21, 1940 entitled, “The Unity of Mankind,” in the midst of World War II. And he states:

“One of the greatest paradoxes of our times is that, as mankind is drawn closer and closer mechanically, it has grown further and further apart spiritually. Radio, telephone, telegraph, the airplane, have pulled men together spatially, but at a moment when men have lost all common ideals and purposes.

“The explanation is simple: we have lost the unifying bond of the spiritual. A scientist can bring together in his laboratory every chemical constituent of the human body, but he cannot make a man. What these chemicals are without a soul that our civilization is without God. The wildest fallacy of our generation lies in the attempt to create a brotherhood of man without the Fatherhood of God.

“There are two difficulties often urged in wartime against the unity of man. The first is directed against unity under the Fatherhood of God, that is, if God is all-powerful, why does He not stop the war? As H.G. Wells has phrased it,

‘If I thought there was an omnipotent God Who looked down on battles and deaths and all the waste and horror of this war, able to prevent these things, doing this to amuse Himself, I would spit in His empty Face.’

“Could God stop this war? Could He prevent a Hitler or a Stalin from choosing a politics of power rather than a politics of justice? Could He force peace upon all the nations tomorrow?

“Most certainly, but only on one condition: by destroying human freedom. What Wells is asking is that God create man free to choose, yet incapable of choosing wrong. This is equivalent to asking that God make man free and slave at the same time, which is sheer irrationality, and therefore contrary to the nature of God, which is reasonable and true.

“Furthermore, this question assumes that wars of God’s making and not man’s. On the contrary, a war is often the result of sin, which is the abuse of freedom. The only time some men, like Wells, ever think of God is when they want to find someone to blame for their own sins. Without ever saying so, they assume that man is responsible for everything good and beautiful in the world, but God is responsible for its wickedness and its wars. God to them is like their dentist. They think of Him only when they have a toothache, with this difference: they blame God for the toothache. They ignore the fact that God is like a playwright, Who wrote a beautiful drama and gave it to men to be able to act with all the directions for acting, and they made a botch of it.

“Do we not see that it is only in the world of freedom that we can be patriots and martyrs? That a man can be a hero on a battlefield, only where it is possible to be a coward? And a man can be a saint only in a church where it is possible for him to be a devil? Shall we boast of our power to make bombs and then spit in God’s face because they explode? Shall we forget the goodness of God Who gave us the blessing of freedom and curse Him because we misuse it? Shall man be praised for his sacrifices and God be cursed for making sacrifice possible through freedom? Shall we drink the poison and then blame God because it takes affect?

“There is the answer to the question: why does not God stop war? Because He could only do so only at the cost of destroying freedom. He allows Wells to blaspheme, that the rest of us might not be denied the privilege of love, sacrifice and heroism.

“Furthermore, God did not start this war; man did. Let men finish it, therefore, by restoring himself to the justice and charity of God. Hate evil and love good and establish judgment in the gate, for God wills not the death of the server, but that he should be converted to God’s ways and live.”


When we began this show, actually, I said, just before this began, I said, “What are we going to talk about today?” Nobody said anything, so I knew Joan have gave me this story she just read from Bishop Sheen to review.

So, sometimes, as I often do, I open and cut the Bible. And I opened up to Maccabees. Of course, Bishop Sheen said, “War is a result of sin, which is an abuse of freedom.” But it says, King Antiochus to Simon, had written, rather, he had written to him,

“…to Simon the High Priest, and to the nations of the Jews, greetings. Where certain pestilent men had gained control of the kingdom of our fathers, and I intend to lay claim to the kingdom, so that I may restore it as it formerly was. And I have recruited a host of mercenaries and troops to have equipped warships and intend to make a landing in the country so that I may proceed against those who have destroyed our country and those who have demonstrated…”

Or rather,

“…who have devastated many cities in our kingdom.”

And so it is, we have a surrogate system in our nation. And they push, and they push, and they push. And what have they done?

Our Lady said,

February 25, 2007

“…Do not forget, little children: your freedom is your weakness, therefore follow my messages with seriousness…”

Our Lady told Vicka in 1990,

“When I started to speak to you and to call you to peace, you thought everything was calm and there was no need to pray in a special way for peace. The absence of peace was in the hearts, now the absence of peace has come into the world.”

And Vicka goes on to tell us, the war manifests after it’s in the heart.

And all this, of course, is taken advantage of by the people who use freedom to their ruin and the ruin of us who sinned.

And so, Our Lady tells us, in Her apparition yesterday through being silent while Jesus speaks, Who says, as an Infant, with very important tones in His voice, as she describes it, a very significant authority, but with a little boy’s voice, says,

“I am your peace. Live My Commandments.”

So everything we suffer at this moment, everything we’re going through, is a result of our sins, the result of not following God’s ways, and it’s amazing, all the financial reviews and the papers and the discussions, and all these things, and sometimes people hit on it, that this is a result of us not being honest, a result of this over-taxation, which also is the result of sin. You become oppressed by government.

Here in Maccabees, it says, “I want to reform our country back to its former glory,” in other words. Restore it. The king’s going to get mercenaries, have equipped warships.

And that’s the tipping point. What’s coming against us this year in 2013? How will we react?

War’s ugly.

The Revolutionary War started with a tea tax. That was the tipping point. The Boston Tea Party. It’s always got to involve money. Almost every war does.

So, don’t think our financial situation won’t lead to something horrendous, awful. But it’s often disguised in band-aids the wound underneath. The problem is sin. The solution is no sin. All our solution needs to be is, “Live My Commandments.” The Babe of Truth, He Himself Who is Truth, told us this yesterday.

So in your family, in your heart, in your area, your village, your community, you’ve got to put and store, in restoration, the Ten Commandments, its principles. And this advantages everybody—the believer, the nonbeliever. The Jew, the Christian, the Muslim, whoever it may be. Nobody will be hurt by this.

As I said last night on the 25th show, put the Ten Commandments in your town. Put it in the court square! Forget what the Godless courts say and the rationalization of the Christians who hold that position and say, “Well, the separation of church and state.”

All law, today, from this nation, comes from the Ten Commandments.

So, in the Supreme Court, in the back of the Supreme Court when you go in the building, the big steps…The front nobody uses. It’s all for mall area. The mall’s area is where the Washington Monument and everybody walks down through. You walk up those steps, there’s the Ten Commandments, centered, not off to the side, because all law comes from that.

So, put the Ten Commandments up. Put it on the public right of ways. But what good is a sign?

I saw a story the other day I passed that said at the top of it on a banner: “Put Jesus Back in Christmas.”

What good is it putting the Ten Commandments if you don’t have it in the heart?

What good is it putting a banner up if you don’t have Jesus in the heart?

You want to put Jesus in Christmas, first it’s got to be in the heart. The Commandments have to be lived by us, and then nobody will have the authority, as this little Infant said yesterday, with the tone of authority, very profound, powerful, “Live My Commandments.” Don’t dare take this down. Just your authority to say such and have such is if you’ve got it in the heart.

So, this is where we start. This is where we fix the economy. This is where we have God’s going to provide for us. This is where we’re going to have the war that’s coming, end, because we’re in war. We might as well face it. We’ve got a surrogate system which has taken over our government, as a result of sin. Until we get this principle, all the financial plans, all the hedge funding, all the investments, all those little things that we come up with, which are useless and to no avail, but will lead to more disasters, until we just get simple and say, “As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord,” Joshua. This is the answer.

Well, the book, Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping was something that was designed to be written several years before that. Actually, my brother even continuously bombarded me about it. “You need to write this book about this,” because I was teaching it in the Community. I was talking about it at our retreats. I was talking about it in talks. But to put it in writing, I never got to that, and it took probably, I would say four years, five years maybe.

But really, what had to happen, is we had to live it! It was actually the Holy Spirit probably blocking me at that point, because when this book came out, it resulted in tens of thousands of people starting to live the Sabbath, not going places, not traveling, not flying on Sundays. And we hear story after story constantly of people who have done it, even people who violate it, and then something happened on that Sunday that showed them, “Hey, you’re not supposed to be doing this.”

And it’s one of the Ten Commandments that people are willing to live nine of them or accept them, but not that one, the third. “Keep the Sabbath holy.”

But more is written on this than anything else of the Commandments in the Bible. Deuteronomy, Leviticus, all this is based in that.

And so, it’s our broken window. Any of the Ten Commandments will lead you to hell, if you violate them. The Sabbath has led more people to hell than probably any other commandment. You think, “What about thou shall not kill?” Well, that’s…what about anger? Killing is anger.

But see, you’ve got to understand the consequences of breaking the Sabbath lead to all the other Commandments being broken. You’ll start breaking the other Commandments.

You think, “What’s the big deal, just going to get something on Sunday, or a gallon of milk? That’s going to lead me to hell?” It leads you to the violation of desensitization and normalizing of something in the culture that leads to everything else, and it will lead to hell, and it has led to hell. And it’s a ruination of our nation. And we’re not going to fix this nation until we fix the Sabbath.

And I won’t go too much detailed into that, but it’s economics!

You know, we think about this devil, and we think about the sins and really heinous things that he does and the debauchery and the Connecticut shooting and the devil…All this involved and how much evil it is, and yet, the antichrist, his kingpin rule is financial. 666. You’ll be able to neither buy nor sell if you’re not the mark of the beast.

See, we go the wrong way. We go to things and witchcraft, or whatever we look at or horrible things of the devil, thinking, this is it. his is really something mild, in some sense.

And so, the Sabbath is something mild in our sense of the Ten Commandments. But I tell you, it’s the one that’s violated because it’s not accepted by most Christians. I’ve had people repeatedly, after reading the book, went to confess, in Confession, this sin, and the priest said, “Well, you’re not sinning. You’re not sinning in going to a movie on Sunday or going out to eat on Sunday.”

I would say, back to that priest, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. I respect you because you’re standing for Christ, but you’re speaking as man right now. You don’t have the Holy Spirit in you.”

Convict them! Explain it. Read the book. It’s time the pulpits start ringing out. A call to this by a priest and the pulpits will change this nation, just like the call of Confession, which is repentance. We’re in violation, and the whole nation falls because of this. And until we understand these things, nothing else will be fixed.

You have to be thinking with the mindset, and Mejanomics, what we teach here, is anticipate the need, or you’re going to be in need. What’s going to be needed in the future? What’s going to happen? All the signs are there. As Vicka said, war starts from the heart. Once it’s in the heart, it manifests.

So, we see everything coming down. We see our nation needs to be a tipping point that some other tipping point will come and counter that to restore it back to its values and its founding principles. And it’s not going to be without great difficulty and great tragedy. It’s not just going to be peaceful. It may not be in the war context of what we think. It may not be…Many, of course, thinking the end of the world and the trying time of tribulation. But we’re going to live through this. Some are going to die through this, whatever it’s going to be. But one thing’s for certain, Our Lady said, in the year 2000, five days before the year was going to come, that, “a new possibility of peace opens up for you this century.” (December 25, 1999) That’s Her plan, and the devil has his plan. That’s why, Jesus said yesterday, or Christmas Day, a couple days ago, “I am your peace.”

So, we can accept all this neutrality about, Jesus can’t be this, the Ten Commandments can’t be in the public square…Throw this stuff out! It’s time that we trample on this, the courts, we go against them. They’re in violation of law. Just because they rule something doesn’t mean it’s right. You don’t have to do it. You have to go back to the mindset of the early Christians or Peter and John when they were hauled in before the assembly. They said, “Don’t talk about Jesus anymore.” They got a lashing, and they went out, and before they even hardly got out into the court square, they’re talking about Jesus!

Stop conforming to evil! Stand against it.

And so, you anticipate the future needs, or you’re really going to be in need.

At the end of the year, of course, you tune into any religious programming. They’re all asking for donations. And it’s because people are the most generous at this time of the year. And for good reasons. People have to do it for tax purposes. People feel more inclined with their heart to give. America’s the most generous nation there is.

But we compete for those dollars and donations to operate.

But I don’t want to put in a position to compete. It’s just where can the dollar do the most? And I can tell you, through any mission out there, there’s no mission that can do what this mission does. You’ve seen it. It’s been proven in the back of any material that you get from us, you get three- or four-dollar booklets, even five-dollar booklets for fifteen cents. Whatever the paper costs, and even if paper costs more, we just flat-rate it at that price. It’s subsidized from first, people being Field Angels, and you need to be a part of that. You need to be a part of the mercenaries. In Maccabees, the king says, “He recruited a host of mercenaries, troops, equipped with warships.” We’re the warship; you’re the mercenary. You need to realize we’re in war. This material’s proven over and over and over to bring people to conversion, change their lives radically, and literally save people from the fires of hell. I always remember one wife, she said, “You saved me from hell.”

Of course, it wasn’t us. It’s God’s grace. But God’s grace has to be delivered through some kind of mechanism, vehicle, radio show, or some material in the back of a church. It’s proven beyond a doubt. We have tens of thousands who have gone through radical conversions. We’ve had hundreds of thousands that follow us. We’ve had, literally, millions that have had some kind of contact about Medjugorje through what we put out through the years.

Do you have the thought, “That’s exaggeration”?

We were very instrumental in 20/20, ABC, in a positive show. It was so positive that the main producer called me right before it went on the air, that Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs, at the time, had seen it, and the producers with them felt it was not objective enough. And I purposely didn’t get a permit to go to Mostar to talk to the bishop, knowing they couldn’t go there because the communists at the time wouldn’t let them. There was some tact involved, very conniving, be clever like a dove, the Bible says. I knew that was going to come up. In Medjugorje, he asked me, “Okay, let’s go to Mostar and see the bishop.”

I said, “Oh, you can’t go there. You need to have a permit. Takes fifteen days to get a permit.”


So, the show’s so positive that the day before, they said, “We’ve got to have some more objectivity to it.”

Thirty million people watched this show, the highest-rated at that point.

So, we don’t do anything without thinking and anticipating a need. That was ABC’s need. They didn’t meet that need, and it came to God’s advantage.

And so it is, we ask you to fund this mission, because there is projects we have on hold for two years, three years. There’s things we can’t do, we can’t move toward until we have the funding to do it. Anybody that knows us, anybody that’s been here, sees the fruit and how we can produce and output things so cheap for so little money…And we want it to be that way. We feel very inclined that it has to be that way so people won’t associate, Medjugorje’s a money thing.”

Somebody in the Medjugorje world once said, “Well, you take in a lot of money.” I said, “You bet we do.” And we’ll take in ten times if we can get it, because what we do with it is what’s the result.

And so, we’re unashamed. Those who know us and have given for years know that.

But we ask you to put this mission, Caritas, as a priority. There’s things that we cannot do that we must do. The funding has to be there. And I’m not saying this as one appeal toward the end of the year. I’m not saying something that you’re just a shot in the arm. Continually keep this in your heart. Sign up as a Field Angel, for a monthly contribution. Call Caritas.

We hate asking for money. But money is necessary to drive this. But remember, when you give a dollar, we don’t have anything, not one dime, borrowed from a bank or any other institution. We pay as we go. God doesn’t provide the money, we don’t do it. All the equipment here, the building, the grounds, everything is paid for, and every project we do has to be paid for, or we don’t do it. And that’s why we have things waiting in line to do, and that’s up to you.

So, encourage everybody that loves Medjugorje, loves Our Lady, to support a system that breeds conversion as a vehicle of the distribution of God’s grace.

We love you. We wish you Our Lady. Goodbye.




The subject matter contained in this presentation is based on Biblical principles and designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that neither the presenter nor the broadcaster is engaged to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Since your situation is fact-dependent, you may wish to additionally seek the services of an appropriately licensed legal, accounting, real estate, or investment professional.

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