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We're joining a Friend of Medjugorje, here at the radio wave studio in Caritas Alabama. In the last couple of weeks, with all the events that have happened in the world, we've gotten a flood of questions about different things that are going on in the world right now. People are asking & wanting to know what's happening. A Friend of Medjugorje, from as many of you know will answer these questions from time to time.

And so we want to take two of these questions and present them to a Friend of Medjugorje and have him go through and give us a more solid answer on this.

The first question comes to us from John from the United Kingdom, and John writes:


"And John writes:"

Since the 1984 "Consecration of Russia", the world has not had a single year of the peace that was promised, if it was done as requested. Two Gulf Wars, Libya, Syria, etc. now, Ukraine, plus the never ending war against Catholics, the unborn and the family. That 1984 consecration didn't include the word Russia and immediately after it, Pope John Paul II publicly prayed to Our Lady, for those peoples whose consecration you still wait. Russia continues to spread its errors, as Our Lady said it would if the consecration wasn't done. The invasion of Ukraine is clearly the act of satan, by which as Our Lady says, his power of death, hatred and fear has visited the Earth. What better way for satan to stop the consecration being done, than to persuade everybody it has already been done. No need to do it - It's already been done. In the face of all the contrary evidence and governed by reason, by what measure can anybody say that the consecration of Russia has been done? Time to wake up. In 1984 when Our Lady rejoiced that part of her plan had fallen into place, she did not actually say it was the completion of the consecration. Some interpreted it to mean that, but she didn't say it. For the avoidance of doubt. I am not in any way an anti, I am a devout Catholic, at least weekly mass and daily rosary with my wife. Questioning the facts does not make me part of the enemy. Our Lady herself questioned the angel Gabriel.

And the second question comes to us from Nicole from Louisiana, and she writes:



"Nicole writes:"

I'm confused on why Putin is attacking Ukraine, and how this relates to Medjugorje and the secrets, waiting patiently for a Friend of Medjugorje' discernment.


Friend of Medjugorje
Well, first of all, this has come up many, many times in light of the Fatima people. And the Blue Army rejects totally that what happened. What John was talking about, the Consecration of Russia is more information behind the scenes.

If we're trying to be a literalist, then Our Lady had to do exactly this. She had have the word Russia had to be mentioned to make it work. This literary mindset does not fit what John was talking about. How do we know that? He referred to the 1984 consecration and Our Lady rejoicing that took place on March 25 1984. So John said that part of our plan had fallen into place.

She didn't actually say it was a completion of a consecration. And he says, some interpreted to mean that - she didn't say it, and that message to the world on March 25 1984, by saying, Rejoice with Me because part of my plan has already been realized. But I skipped one important point there. That point is that Our Lady said, Rejoice with Me talking to us, all followers on the earth. She wants us to rejoice with her. She's inviting that and what's happened up in heaven? Must something huge happen? Because the next four words she says, is talking about the billions. The billions of what? We know there's 8 billion people on Earth right now alive. So we can assume there are billions of angels in heaven. So what she says after that Rejoice with Me and with my angels. She's up there rejoicing with billions of angels. So it's gotta be a big thing for her to say that she's calling on the Earth. Rejoice with me and with my angels because a part of my plan has already been realized that John talks about it you may part of it. God does not break the will of free man. So he asked to do things through time. But there's another bombshell with us that supports this. I know personally involved with it and know about it. Because I'm friends with Bishop Hnilica that when this consecration took place in the Vatican Bishop Hnilica was in Moscow.

He smuggled a statue of Our Lady. He did not call John Paul when he was gonna do it.

And he went there to consecrate Russia there, neither of the others know when they were gonna do it, but they know what day it was gonna take place do you know what happened? The consecration was exactly the same time in Moscow as the same time in St. Peter's. They didn't plan that. Also that day, for Our Lady it was her 1000 apparition in Medjugorje.

Did I read that? Do I know that? How do I know about Bishop Hnilica did this because he was at my kitchen table. And he told me the story firsthand. Now this is a second hand. A lot of Fatima people are doing exactly what they did with John the Baptist. They wanted to stay with him. And he kept telling his followers go follow Christ. Not me anymore. There's so much devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. A lot of people still perpetuate that every thing is gonna come through Fatima.

Our Lady said the message from our plans that begin in Fatima Medjugorje is the fulfillment. John Paul, Bishop Hnilica did the consecration. And our people said everyone the bishops in the world had to do there. That didn't happen. No. But it was accepted by the evidence of saying Rejoice with me and with my angels because a part of my plan has been realized.

Peter was told what you declare on Earth is declared in heaven and these bishops who were not following Our Lady who didn't do it - does it cancel Jesus's word to the Pope of Peter, that chair that John Paul can do what he did in tandem in Moscow.

And Our Lady gives us another hint that God gave a greenlight.

August 25 1991. Our Lady says now as never before when my plan has begun to realize, so she did this 1984 And the consecration with the bishops that did follow it, and the bishops that didn't follow it. Our Lady persuaded, evidently, to accept this. So this Medjugorje, August 25 1991, when she says now as never before when my plan has begun to be realized, we have to accept those words. If we believe Medjugorje, the plan is moving forward. That was started in Fatima. But satan wants you think this is real that nothing is happening Our Lady's plans aren't working out?

It doesn't go by our time that we think things are going to happen instantly. God has to move through millions of mentalities and change them. So after she says the plan has began to be realized she says satan is strong and wants to sweep away the plans of peace and joy and make you think that my son is not strong in his decision. I believe Our Lady got to the decision of the consecration. Our Lady continues in this message saying something very profound. She says I invite you to renunciation for nine days so that with your help everything I wanted to realize through the secrets I began, not ended I opened the door. In other words, she's saying, I began in Fatima may be fulfilled. This is 1991. She's not saying it started in Fatima and ends with it of the consecration and everything's done. No. I began in Fatima may be fulfilled. If she's saying they fulfilled, something has been accepted, is in delivery as being birthed.

And if you don't understand that, she says, I call you to understand now the importance of my coming where? this is in Medjugorje not Fatima what's happening now in 1981 was happening in 2022 right now, I call you dear children to understand now the importance that my coming and the seriousness of the situation.

See things can't get better, until things get worse. All the Democrats all the leftists all the communists all the socialists, all these things. All the Christians who's failed what they're doing. We have to be brought down to our knees which causes us to react to pray to consecrate. If Trump had stayed in office, which he legally won, there's no doubt about that - things that are happening now would not happen. Putin wouldn't be doing what he's doing. And this is making everybody waking up across the world now. That's why Our Lady said the situation is serious a situation back in 1991. That's a cupcake compared to what's happening now.

And then Our Lady gives more evidence. If you're going to want to accept the monthly message, the evidence in this message. She continues saying therefore, we pray that all I have started. She just said on the February 25 message to Maria, that I pray with you here back in 91. Therefore, we, her and us pray that all I have started may be completely realized in it's fullness. Medjugorje is the fulfillment don't put the consecration is that one moment, one second, everything is going to happen.

Our Lady is a woman. She's a mother. She's not the God of Sinai. God struck Sodom God flooded the world. God has come repeatedly in his justice and Our Lady is before him. Prostrated. Give me the world. Begging pleading bringing your rosaries you're fasting to bring fulfillment.

The mind set that March 25 1984 is almost illegitimate. You get the angels rejoicing. You get the Earth rejoicing with her, it's the 1000 apparition in Medjugorje and she's talking about part of the plan being realized.

You can't think like Man thinks, you got to think about how God thinks and how God does things. 99 in one message August 25 completely is the word she's looking for. Final and everything happening right now in the world is a huge thing. what Russia is doing what's happened in Ukraine. All this is moving things forward. For her words, completely realized in its fullness. Fatima versus Medjugorje is a big mistake.

So I was out of town recently, the only church I found was this place that ran by the Society of St. Pius the 10th. And they're very restricted. And they just do Latin mass. And it's nice, but they got the big statue of the Virgin Mary of Fatima. I had some materials and after mass that gave some things about Medjugorje to them thinking they would like it and they rejected it. So we have no interest in that. This reflects perfectly to the Scriptures. I belong to John I belong to Paul I belong to this Apostle. I told them, I said the same. Mary in Fatima is the same Mary in Medjugorje and before you die, you're gonna see and you're going to believe, not what you believe about Fatima and why you have to stay there. But to move on, just like John Baptist to the Christ. This is the woman of Revelation chapter 12.

We've had four major consecrations in the field with 1000s of people all over them on July 3 or July 4 and different years, and Our Lady stood there and let us say while she stood there. In the apparition when we recited the consecration. The United States of America and Maria said Our Lady accepted it. This was millions of prayers. The patriotic rosary. Novenas for decades, for our Nation. In the third time we gave the consecration she gave a message. The only message ever given to any other nation in the world to the Medjugorje apparitions - this great plan to change the direction.

She said that night at 10pm form and make prayer groups through which we will pray for your healing and the healing of this nation to draw closer to God and to me. That's right here in Alabama, right here in the field. We get a message from Our Lady for our nation. Because our nation is the most important nation in the world - In regards of the stability of the world, that's a big thing.

After those consecrations everything started falling apart, you don't fix things. You don't get motivated until you see things that are happening. What's taking place now. Now we're gonna get on our knees. This is putting us on there. Things has to get bad. That's what Nicole was talking about, I'm confused and why Putin is attacking the Ukraine and how this relates to Medjugorje and its secrets. Waiting patiently for a Friend of Medjugorje discernment. I tell you what, from the get go on this, this is about Medjugorje. Now just see the Ukraine.

When Yugoslavia broke up, broke away from Russia and Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, etc. They're what they call the Bosniacs, the Serbs and Croats Croatians, those of Bosnia and the Croatians makes up about 67% of the population now and the Serbs are at 30%. The Serbs want to keep the ties with Russia. So the speculation is going on right now that Bosnia has a strategic goal to win and to join NATO. And the Serbs are for Putin Bosnia taking sides with NATO will be a great defeat against Russia, bringing them to their knees.

All this is playing out and all of this is connected to Our Lady all of this is connected to the consecrations. So something else about the consecration that Russia falls under as far as being consecrated. I was involved with the Vatican. The people I knew there, and it had some insane tracks for the October eighth 2000 entrustment Pope John Paul was gonna make an act of entrustment for the next 1000 years to the Virgin Mary, for the whole world. The Queen of Peace, everybody.

I called Maria. I was in a room with my wife and one of my sons. I called Maria like two days before it's gonna happen. John Paul's prayer he was gonna recite, I was able to get a copy of it two days before it happened. And then we're not going to release anywhere else in the world. They allowed me to have it sent it back home, so we could pray it with him. Our conditions was they wouldn't do it in Italy and wouldn't do it anywhere else. And the ties I had with the Vatican. I was able to do these things.

So I called Maria said Maria come down here to Rome. She was in our house in Monza. And she said, Well, it may be difficult. I said, No, you have to come up for this. I'll get you right in front of the Pope. And she said, Oh, she had come up. And I said make sure you ask Our Lady to appear with John Paul read the entrustment. That's a big deal. It's a big thing. And I called her back. Even getting some read Do not forget to ask about appearing during the moment of the entrustment.

When Maria got to Rome, she said Our Lady said to her in the apparition when she asked what I asked her to ask. She said I will be present and my wife and son was able to sit with the Cardinals and arrange for another Vatican person to put Maria right below the altar. John Paul during the mass prays the act of entrustment for the next millennium to the Mother of God, the Queen of Peace. And then John Paul, after entrustment says, of no connection to Maria - He said, quote, Our Lady was present. To be in the middle of that is a great joy. Because I know what's going on behind the scene. This has spiritual history. That part of his story be here 300 years from now.

Our Lady said in the bedroom of apparitions in 1988 demand from me, ask boldly from me for your intentions. I was real strong, Maria you got to do this. You got to remember it. And look at the beautiful thing happen. Pope John says the same words that Maria heard the night before. I will be present. We literally counted the bishops coming out of the gate. I was standing there Maria is there she nodded at each Bishop? And we counted 1156 bishops and 80 of the Cardinals. This is one of the biggest gathering of bishops in history.

So what I said that Russia was underneath this consecrations entrustment was for the whole world. So to me people have scruples about it's gotta be just like what they think it's supposed to be this way. Or just like the St. Pius Society. Jesus was like that when he walked the earth. He wasn't rigid. Lastly, we have a message February 26 2022. For Ivan for his prayer group. We verified through several sources. And this is what it says. Just a few days ago, dear children, pray for all my children who are suffering. Decide for the good and fight against evil and sin. Take your weapon, your prayer, and let us pray together that we can defeat evil satan for an era of peace to reign.

That's what Our Lady's here for. That's what the consecrations are for. That's why everything falling apart. So that it can be rebuilt to one part underneath Our Lady's mantle. The message continues. This is why I've been with you for a long time because I want to encourage and console you on this journey. This is a journey. It didn't finish with Fatima, it's going to finish with Medjugorje because these are the last apparitions on the world. And Our Lady said it's because you have everything you ever need. Meaning to the end of the world. This is a lot to chew on, a lot to think about.

Everything is rolling out unfolding for a great triumph. And as has been said many times most of the dark is just before dawn. Our Lady's not here 40 years to play around. Normally she wants to hear you. I belong to Paul etc. I belong to Guadalupe Lourdes Fatima that's not what this is about. It's about one Mary. And this is the climax and you're alive in the middle of this. Contemplate the greatness of this of the time we live in. It's a wonder and it's beautiful. But difficult at the same time I consecrate myself, our family, my community every single night and upon waking the same thing to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Why is that important? Because January 1 2001. My dear children now that when satan is unchained, I desire you to be consecrated to my heart and the heart of my son Jesus. I bless you with my motherly blessing. You know what she just said? satan is free. There's nothing you can do to protect yourself from him. And the only thing you could do to protect yourself from him is to be consecrated to her heart and the heart of her Son Jesus. That's your protection for you, your family, your loved ones, and others around you. This is a lot to chew on I've been through a lot of history with Our Lady. I feel like I'm a boy who walked with the Virgin Mary. And I want you to have those experiences too. It's available to you. I gave, my whole being, my whole heart, my whole life. It's not being only just a journey, as Our Lady said. It's an adventure. A great adventure. Our Lady will literally walk with you.

We wish you Our Lady we love you. Good night.

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