The Ten Secrets

David has asked you to visit this website because something important is about to happen within the next few days. You will have a lot of questions.

Don’t be scared nor confused. This has been planned by Almighty God for a long time.

It is a good time to be alive. We are very fortunate as many people now long gone to Heaven have wished for this event.

You are about to know for 100% certainty, without dying, that God is real (though some may die from the upcoming shock).

David will have some answers to your questions in a webinar linked below.





“If you have more questions, contact David after the 2nd event and after you have watched the webinar”

My support page is linked in the footer. (The 1st 2 events should happen within a few days of each other).

This is NOT the end of the world.
Do NOT be scared NOR confused.
All will be revealed.