Seven Church Ages – Venerable Holzhauser Summary

The seven Church ages described, are a correlation to the seven churches from Revelation in Chapters 2 and 3. Although, these seven churches, reflect a variety of meanings, each church also reflects a period of years, unfolding in a chronological order, of Church history to its completion. This information is based largely on Venerable Holzhauser’s visions.

Revelation interpretations according to Venerable Father Bartholomew Holzhauser

About: Venerable Father Bartholomew Holzhauser.

He was born in Laugna, Germany in 1613. He grew up in a pious and honest family, his father a shoemaker. He read many books at an early age and desired to join the priesthood. After studies, was ordained and was sought after as a confessor for advice. He had many gifts of the Holy Spirit; many miraculous healings occurred, experienced visions of the future, and received the gift of Prophecy.

He foresaw the execution of Charles I of England, a total banishment of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in England for 120 years. He saw that England will be converted and will do more for religion, than after its first conversion.

Venerable Holzhauser authored extraordinary works, about the future, for
education, for seminarians, and for disciples under trials that were used extensively for the next two centuries. Works written on the ten visions that he experienced, served as valuable teaching. He wrote a book explaining parts of Revelation, from the visions, from information circulating in the Middle Ages, and from Blessed Abbot Merlin Joachim of Fiore of Italy, who died in 1202; that can be interpreted in short, as follows:

“the seven stars and the seven candlesticks seen by St. John, signify seven periods (of time), of the history of the Church, from its foundation to its consummation at the final judgment. To these periods, correspond the seven churches of Asia Minor, the seven days of the Mosaic record of creation, the seven ages before Christ, and the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost. Since, he says, all life is developed in seven stages, so God has fixed seven periods for regeneration.”

– This regeneration is in an order, to discharge satan and his influence from this earth and to provide the opportunity for peoples of nations, to receive eternal redemption, during these seven Church ages.

Holzhauser’s “Interpretation of the Apocalypse of St. John” includes an in-depth interpretation of the seven Church ages, particularly the fifth, and the sixth Church ages. The fifth Church age that started about 1520 with a pope, will end with a Strong Ruler and a Holy Pope that awakens us to major changes in the near future.

Most of this work will describe pertinent events of the fifth Church age, the age of affliction in the Latin Western Church or Roman Catholic Church, calling attention to events that are weakening the Church.

At the same time and as a result, the world is turning away from God. After this age of affliction is over, and with God’s intervention towards the end of this fifth Church age, only a remnant Church will survive, leading us into a real period of Peace, in the sixth Church age starting in 2038. The seventh Church age, many hundreds of years from now, will begin with the birth and rise of the anti-Christ that awakens the Jewish people to the true Messiah, described in the Old Testament.

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