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Due to The Remnant’s participation in the wildly successful Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres, France, we won’t have a Remnant Underground this week. We will be back next week, however, to kick off the summer season with a real whopper. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s something: A RTV Short on a very special consecration that took place above the clouds, high atop the French Alps, at La Salette, just last week. If you’ve ever wondered about that statue that sits on Michael’s desk down in the Underground, this video will explain.

Beautifully shot, this one tells the story of what happened when more than fifty Americans climbed the mountain to a holy place where, over 150 years ago, heaven put the world on notice that the present crisis was coming, and that Rome would lose the Faith and become seat of the Antichrist.

If you want to know what’s gone wrong in the Catholic Church, watch and share this video — written by Archbishop Viganò and narrated and produced by me.

I hope you enjoy.

In Christo Rege,
Michael J. Matt

Received in my email inbox today

“Rome will lose the Faith, and become the seat of the Antichrist,” she warned. “But I will fight for the Children of Light.”

On June 1, 2023 some fifty American traditional Catholics made a pilgrimage to La Salette, France, to publicly stand with the Mother of God against those who are trying to uncrown Christ the King and abolish the faith of our fathers.

Kneeling on a mountaintop high above the clouds in the French Alps, and using a prayer composed for the occasion by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, they consecrated themselves, their families, and their country to Our Lady of La Salette.

Narrated by Michael J. Matt, this short video explains why some of the most powerful men in the Catholic Church have made every effort to cancel Our Lady of La Salette, bury her dire warnings, and undermine what happened here. Why? Watch and see.

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