When I started to gather the content for this article, I didn’t expect for it to turn out the way it has. I was just going to expand on the above headline, show a few videos and leave it there.

But this topic is very deep. The more I researched and listened I realised this is Biblical, scary and yet fascinating as I headed in a different direction.

Enjoy and learn!

David Ashton
A link to a must listen to podcast
A link to a must listen to podcast

A comment at Part 1 that I replied to:

Now is the time to take refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary and STAY THERE! The fires happening now are NOT from God – they are from DEWs – Direct Energy Weapons (Lasers from planes) – look it up – you will find they say they are still being developed – this is a lie – they are being used and can be directed on homes and not hit trees – which was shown in videos from people in Maui. Electricity mysteriously out 4 hours before fire, water shut off so fires could not be put out, all government officials off the island when fires burned. ONLY POOR people – native islanders homes burned – not billionare/millionaire homes like Oprah Winfrey. Just before the fires a zoning law was passed, that deemed that if there was a disaster, the land would be re-zoned and could be purchased by the government. Climate change is a lie, all must see that suddenly it has accelerated to all these fires in places that have agreed to 15 minute cities. 15 minute cities are cities of enslavement – you can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave – because they will monitor your social credit score (carbon usage) and not allow you to leave (won’t happen immediately, but is the plan). If you spend beyond what they think you should on meat, gas, anything they deem a detriment to climate – you will be banned from buying, leaving and selling. EVs will be the only option for a car. You can’t charge your car if you are not carbon compliant and they will have control on where the chargers are. Think! The only way to be saved from all of these planned events is through prayer and the refuge of Our Mother’s Immaculate heart. If you read Revelation, the devil comes after her AND HER OFFSPRING (THOSE WHO CALL HER MOTHER), but she is protected, and taken to a place of safety, therefore, WE who take refuge in her, are protected. Evil wants you controlled by FEAR, fear of Covid, fear of no food or shelter – God told us 365 times in the bible not to fear. He said we would be protected from disease, etc., if we BELIEVE AND TRUST IN HIM. OUR Mother comes to remind us and to say He has chosen me to be your refuge in these times and she begs us to Pray, Pray, Pray. So turn off your Tell LIE Visions, shut off your phones and take time to pray for yourselves, your family and YOUR fellow man – especially those who are lukewarm or do not yet know of HIS LOVE.


Hi Jennifer,
I was about to write a comment and reading yours it is virtually what I was going to write, no need for me to repeat it. Well done. And thank you to FOM, COB and Our Lady for putting part of her plan together. I suspect, that everything that is not of God is being destroyed by satan in his plan to take over and destroy the planet on which we live. It makes sense that perhaps Our Lady is allowing evil humans to destroy things that are not of God but they don’t know it. Why get in the way of an enemy that is self destructing? And it gives Our Lady more time. FOM has discussed re the food industry as evidenced by the burning down of large factories, large milk producing farms and the list is growing. Their plan to control the world by controlling energy, money and food is known by Our Lady. So is their evil depopulation plan. How magnificent a plan it would be to allow evil humans to almost win by destroying the evil things as part of their plan, with lots of people waking up to all this with The Great Awakening and realising how stupid we are. The Muslims are planning to dominate the world through having a population growth, this has been known for years. And then when everything looks like we Christians have lost, along comes the 1st 3 secrets. Convert all the Muslims to Christianity, have most of the world repent. Then we get our punishment from God which is deserved, which it doesn’t matter if you die earlier than planned, you live forever anyway. This war is about saving souls. Billions of souls. Wow what a brilliant plan from God to rescue us from ourselves. I have been upset by God allowing satan extra powers, but I finally realised he is giving people extra graces to cover this and we are going to finally realise that this earth is for God’s kingdom and for Peace. Keep up the great work FOM & COB, thank you for saving my soul and the many millions / billions yet to realise what you and Our Lady are doing. God Bless.

David Ashton’s reply to Jennifer

So you’ve read the biblical reasons, now find out the human reasons at this site:

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