When I first learned that Pope Benedict possibly didn’t resign, but was forced out I did a deep dive and read all about canon law. The full history of this was documented at the From Rome website (link at bottom of this article). All this total garbage going on right now is not going to affect the Catholic Church in the long term. How do I know this? I know for a 100% fact that Our Lady is visiting Medjugorje right now, finishing off her mission started at Fatima. She stated that John Paul II was her Pope, and that she protected him when satan tried to have him assassinated. Well during my research I discovered that John Paul II has outsmarted the Gallen Mafia by protecting the Church’s good name. He must have been tipped off to what was coming (assumed from Heaven) so he arranged changes to ensure these Gallen Mafia pricks were outsmarted so that Benedicts resignation looked legitimate on the surface, but wasn’t so the current “Pope” isn’t really the Pope. When the Secrets are released I believe Francis will realise the error of his ways but supporting all this abominable crap including the Climate Change Hoax and then the Gallen Mafia, being pure evil will kill him. How do I know that beyond any doubt that John Paul II went straight to Heaven and he was Our Lady’s Pope? Because he appeared with Our Lady in an apparition aged 33 on the day Our Lady stopped inviting us to be her Apostles but started calling us her Apostles. Listen to the audio linked directly below.

David Ashton

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A few weeks ago, the Catholic Identity Conference was held in Pennsylvania.  It was chaired by Michael Matt of the Remnant Underground.  They are all Catholics who are faithful to Church teaching and tradition.  Archbishop Vigano had prepared a presentation to be given to the attendees; he could not come himself for he is still in danger.

Vigano’s presentation was not given.  I’m not sure of the reason, and I frankly don’t care.  The questions that the archbishop put forth are questions that we Catholics must face.  Those questions focus on the legitimacy, or lack thereof, of Bergoglio’s occupation of Peter’s Chair.  I think that many good people don’t want to face the fact that the evil inside the church hierarchy is so prevalent as to have insinuated in the visible head of the Church.  Perhaps they fear the label “sedevacantist”.  Perhaps they just want to stay in the good graces of local hierarchy and friends.  Whatever the reasons, they must be cast aside and these questions must be addressed.

Ann Barnhardt has the video of Vigano giving his talk.  For those who’d rather read it, here it is.  Consider what he is saying.  The time for kicking the can down the road is long past – if it ever existed at all.  LifeSiteNews posted an article about the Saint Gallen mafia and how they might have tampered with the 2013 papal election.  They may have tried that with the 2005 election, but were unsuccessful.

For the record, I now believe that there are reasons to doubt the legitimacy of the 2013 papal election.  Frankly, I don’t believe the resignation of Pope Benedict was done validly, so that is another reason why the 2013 election is dubious.  I have questions about these.  I don’t have answers, I cannot propose solutions, but that does not preclude me from voicing reservations.

What should be obvious to all is that evil is having its way with Bergoglio.  That has been painfully apparent for several years now.  If you aren’t awake and praying your Rosaries, why not?


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