I am not surprised at the content in these videos. When Friend of Medjugorje released this World Report, the only way for everything to happen as mentioned in the audio, was as if most of the bishops are in fact corrupt. It will be interesting if the New Pope mentioned by the After The Warning book – Fr. Zlatko Sudac – fixes all the issues of The Catholic Church. (I believe he will).

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Pope Benedict’s New Book, Latin Mass Ban, Sword and Serpent – with Kennedy Hall

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In this video, Kennedy Hall and Dr. Taylor Marshall talk about Pope Benedict’s new book, Latin Mass Ban, Sword and Serpent. We discuss the implications of the book and how it could change the way we attend the Traditional Latin Mass.

If you’re interested in what Pope Benedict has to say, be sure to check out this video. We talk about the new book and how it could impact the Latin Mass.

Pope Benedict XVI released a posthumous book discussing sodom “clubs” in the seminaries. We also talk about Latin Mass Ban, and Sword and Serpent.

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