A Friend of Medjugorje talks about a big topic: discernment. How do you discern? He shares some very specific issues confronting us today.

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This is a Special World Report with a Friend of Medjugorje.



We’re going to begin tonight with Joyce Meyers, a well-known woman preacher, who has some thoughts about what I’m going to talk to you about tonight.



Today, I want to talk about discernment.

It’s actually one of the gifts of the Spirit that I think that we should pray for on a regular basis. However, you don’t have to have a special gift to need discernment. It’s something that we need to live by so we can hear what God is saying and not just what everybody else is saying or even what we happen to be saying to our self.

I think discernment is something that’s really, really, really important because it takes you deeper than the way things look. It takes you deeper than the way things feel.

So, to discern, the definition of discernment means, “to distinguish between good and evil.” You know, the Bible says that in the last days, that people are going to think that evil is good and that good is evil. And we’re seeing that today. That’s one of those Biblical prophecies that we’re seeing come to pass right before our eyes.

But to discern means, “to distinguish between good and evil, between right and wrong,” and I like this: “to distinguish between what’s good and what’s excellent.”

Discernment also means, “proper understanding regarding the true nature of a thing or a person.”



I decided tonight to talk about discernment because what’s in the news recently is stunning to me.

And yes, what she just said, in the last days, evil is going to be looked as good and good as evil.

She gave a definition, but I want to give you a little bit more deeper about that. It means,

“the act of discerning; also the power of faculty of the mind by which it distinguishes one thing from another, as truth from falsehood, virtue from vice; acuteness of judgement; power of perceiving differences of things or ideas”

We have a world today that has poor, very poor, discernment.

I’m going to play you a clip right now that was done in 2015, and what I’m talking about was somewhere in 2005 or 2008, something like that. There was nothing on the radar that would be coming in the next years.

So, what you’re about to hear was taped in 2015, but my discernment was ten years before this was stated.



Several years ago, probably three years ago, maybe, I was walking down the airport, and I saw a sign on the side of one of the columns. It said, “Free Flu Shots.” I thought, “Oh, how nice. Free flu shots.” But when you’re in prayer, and when you think, this sends up a red flag to me. What’s the motivation? Why are they giving free flu shots?

This past week, it was reported, half the people have the flu right now. This agenda is something that motivates them to offer it for free.

We know that Obama’s administration, the American Surgeon General for the nation, said that we have to bring population under control. He says we can put something in the water. This is quotes. This is out there. This is research. This is not conspiracy. It’s there to be found.

So, Obama’s been saying, we can put something in the water supply to bring about sterility, but we don’t know how that’s going to affect children or how it will affect older people, so that’s not an option at this moment. He didn’t rule it out. And we know there’s forces out there that want to do that.



I can say in confidence that I knew there was an agenda, and that thousands of people walked through the airport, I could say almost every one of them discerned anything that there was an agenda with this.

This next clip was done in 2019, and I’m talking about something that happened around 2012 and through Obama’s presidency. It’s just another example of discernment and being able to see what nobody else can see.



The deep state, the bureaucracy, is filled with strategically placed people in all the agencies that Obama and his cronies wanted to control, with people of their own thinking.

Would you not hire people, even right before you left office, who would work to subvert the incoming president’s agenda, and place obstacles to hamper his administration’s ability to function?

Trump has been fighting obstructionists for two plus years, which means they are fighting all of us who duly elected Trump to the office of presidency. They fear the loyalty towards the president; therefore, getting rid of Trump is not enough.

As much as they are against Trump, they are against us just as much, the masses. They fear us. They know, if we have a good, strong, decisive leader as a center to unite around, like we have in Trump, they cannot crush us. They must crush Trump in order to crush us.

This is a physical manifestation of light versus dark.



Many can say now, “Oh, I knew that.”

Yeah, you know the history’s passed. But discernment of what’s coming down the railroad track is before it happens.

All these things, what I write about, is before because it’s in the messages. Our Lady is teaching us how to discern.

Worldwide, we have people that have poor discernment. They don’t know how to make the right decisions. The decisions I’ve made is with Our Lady. What I’ve put forth through Caritas, my life, the Community, has flourished because I saw it before it flourished. There had to be things and discernment had to be in place for that to happen.

I’m going to give an example with what’s been coming out in the last few days from Tucker Carlson, which is about taking over the Capitol on January 6th. And many people who are conservative believed in this.

The moment it happened, I rejected it completely. It was a farce. And there are those people who spoke out, and I’m going to let you hear bad discernment.

Ted Cruz, conservative, well-known! And I remember what he said three years ago. And I was sick at my stomach by what he said. I knew he was wrong. He’s right there in Washington. He knows everything. I want you to hear what he says, with his own words, turning against everything because his discernment is zero. And that’s what’s wrong with Christianity today.



It’s a day that captured the world’s attention. A mob forced its way into the Capitol as Congress was in the process of certifying the presidential election.

Thanks for joining us here at ten. I’m Taitem Gwen. Many politicians now speaking out against the riots, including our own senator Ted Cruz. Jonathan Polasik joins us live to tell us what Senator Cruz had to say on the matter.

Jonathan, good evening.


Good evening, Taitem. Senator Cruz described the events of yesterday as tragic and a sad day for our country. And it’s a day that won’t soon be forgotten, even as Congress was able to certify the results of the election late last night.

Outspoken on objecting the results of the presidential election, Senator Cruz called the events of yesterday an attack on democracy.


We saw a terrorist attack on the United States Capitol. It was despicable. It was an assault on the citadel of democracy. And every one of those violent criminals who attacked the Capitol, they should be fully prosecuted, and they should spend a long, long time in jail.


He also believes that the president’s rhetoric is to blame.


I think the president’s rhetoric was irresponsible. I think it was reckless. And I don’t think it was remotely helpful. And I think the calls for extreme action, things like the 25th amendment, I don’t think that’s going to prove necessary.


Meanwhile, Cruz wanted to be clear that his objection to the electoral votes was more about wanting clear evidence that voter fraud hadn’t occurred.


I joined with eleven other senators, and we proposed to the Senate that Congress should appoint an electoral commission, an electoral commission to conduct an emergency ten-day audit of the election results of this last election.


An objection that was ultimately denied.


Unfortunately, Congress did not agree with that proposal that I joined with eleven other senators in making. And so, Congress instead moved forward and certified the results.


Now, Senator Cruz has acknowledged that there will be a peaceful transfer of power to the Biden Administration. However, that doesn’t mean that he will stop fighting for policy that he believes will have a great impact on the American people.

Reporting live, Jonathan Polasik, News West 9.



This is a perfect example of zero discernment.

I listened to the whole speech of Trump. It was not over-heated, nor was it inciting. And I knew, what was happening, that the Left put plants into the people. They were the ones that did this. I knew that back then. And now, it’s been proven.

Tucker’s report shows the ones that were violent were the plants, for the purpose that Trump’s followers were going to destroy the Republic. They say “democracy.” This makes me sick to hear this. Every time people say democracy, you are cutting it down. Words are very powerful. You cannot say that. For your kids, your school, scratch it out of the books. Teach your kids, we’re in a Republic. We are not a democracy. I’ve said many things about that in the past.

General Flynn, a Catholic, spoke a few days ago. In his speech, he said,

“President Reagan had clarity and discernment, and he understood the power of words.”

That’s why the colleges, that’s why the professors, that’s what the people on the left have dumbed us down to say “democracy.” Because they understand the power of words as Reagan did. That’s why he said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

That’s just words! Just a few words. But the Russians heard about it. Their temperature was raised up, and Gorbachev let them tear the walls down. Just words.

Time Magazine is full of words. In 1938, you know what they did? They said Hitler was Time Magazine’s man of the year. Hitler! You don’t think words mean something?

From there, Hitler immediately proceeded to exterminate six million Jews and millions of other people. It’s just words.

General Flynn said,

“In today’s America, there are two very split camps. The reasons for this split are many. But it begins slowly, and it crept into our society with vengeance.”

He said, quote,

“We lost our moral compass, and no country in the history of the world that lost its character kept its liberty.”

Flynn said also,

“The family unit was destroyed, and the rearing of children has been left to the progressives, who infiltrated every aspect of our education.”

Flynn talked about our churches being destroyed from inside. And then, if we were teaching the Biblical tenants, that couldn’t happen. He says, quote,

“Although Catholics in America represent the largest voting block in our country…”

And he says about the block of the Catholics, more than half of them voted for evil.

Now, discern that. Put some discernment in your head right now and your heart. If that’s the case, and we know it is the case, because we’re the largest voting block of any other group, that leads to another clear discernment, because we have bishops covering the whole United States, all the Catholics.

So, if the bishops are the shepherds, what are they teaching to the people in the pew? They never said anything about Biden during the election. You cannot vote for this guy. He’s for everything from trans all the way to abortion. They never said anything, even Gomez, head of the Bishops’ Conference.

Listen to this priest who stood up and had the right discernment, and listen what he states.



He supports the utter slaughter of the unborn! What have you done?! What have you done to your Church?!


A majority of Catholics, 52%, backed Biden for president. Many drawn to his sincere devotion to the Faith, which Biden has described as a source of solace and purpose.



Now, do you think that the blame on this is the shepherds?

Gomez said, at that time, head of the conference, the Bishops’ Conference, that Biden was a good man, and it’s good to have a Catholic there.

They didn’t condemn him in his positions. They own this! And all the problems we’re having right now is from the bishops.

Catholics, as already said, we were the largest voting block. And our shepherds took the position, either nuance, or just outright for Biden.

I had a bishop tell me that he only knew five bishops that were conservative.

Another bishop told me that he voted for Trump, “but don’t tell nobody that I said that.”

All these problems we have, not just about us, I lay this out at the feet of the shepherds. Cowards. You’ve heard me say that before. I don’t take that back. And yes, Our Lady says, “Pray for your shepherds.” These messages of Our Lady are not just for now. They’re for the future, because these future bishops are going to help Our Lady triumph, not those we have now. They are destroying our Church from the inside.

General Flynn said in his talk,

“In the last few decades, we’ve seen outright closure of churches, and even some destroyed through internal division.”

The bishops are for globalization. They support things, not because of their words, but by their silence.

The World Economic Forum principal advisor, Yuval Harari, publicly stated, for surveillance under the skin.

Bishops, what is that?!

General Flynn said,

“There’s new talk that we should have chips in our bodies containing records of all our health data.”

Oh, how convenient is that? How nice. Until it turns into finances under the veil of “security.” Don’t tell me it’s not about that. When we’re in a time, you already have trans, boys to girls. You can discern this simply because God decides what you are in the womb.

I haven’t heard one bishop anywhere talk about surveillance under the skin! It’s antichrist! It’s mark! Not one bishop out there is saying anything about it. They’re not going to talk about it. Flynn’s talked about it. He says the system, they seek dominion over the entire globe, and this would be the final power grab and control over billions of slaves.

That’s what’s coming.

We know Revelation talks about, you can’t buy or sell, and Flynn mentions about the global elites at the World Economic Forum, launching the Great Reset, “to transform the world’s economy.”

Bishops, all the evidence is there! What is wrong with you?

How come you don’t speak?  Just like the priest, you heard him hollering, the slaughtering of the babies.  And our bishops don’t say anything.  Nobody condemns.

Our Lady tells us February 2, 2020, how to acquire discernment.  That’s what you heard Ted Cruise, so off the track of discernment.  So coming back to Our Lady on how to discern, and She says this message:

“…be carriers of truth…”

You cannot not do it without discernment.  And then She says something very, very profound.  She says, “my children,” now She is going to give us directions.

“…fold your hands and look at the Cross in silence. In this way, you are drawing faith to be able to transmit…”

What is it?  Then She says:

“…you are drawing truth to be able to discern…”

An amazing thing. If you look at the Cross, you are in silence, you will be given truth and you will be able to discern everything that is going on.  And then Our Lady continued in the same message, she said again a second time:

“…fold your hands, look at the Cross…”

It is that simple.  Pray, fold your hands, and look at the Cross in silence in every decision you need to make because that brings you to truth. And you will be able to discern what so many people cannot.  You will be able to fight the lies, even if you are tired and you’re weary.  You will know who is in control.  And God will be your peace through the fires you will have to walk through.  The Lord will be your helper, your refuge, your shelter all the days of your life.  My walk with Our Lady, when I first heard about this in 1983, I felt that She has walked with me.  The decision I have made in propagating the messages of Our Lady has grown, what this mission, in discernment, in what She has wanted to do.  And I was able to say yes because I had that discernment.  For anyone out there who has prayed a thousand prayers and doesn’t receive discernment, and one person prays one prayer and receives discernment, you get it through the Cross.


For anyone who’s prayed a thousand prayers and still can’t find the answer anywhere, fighting off the lie that no one cares. For anyone who’s out there losing hope, feeling you’re forsaken and alone, clinging to the last strands of your rope

May God give you eyes to see. He’s still greater. Courage to rise and believe He’s able. May God be your peace in the fire you’re walking through. This is my prayer now. This is my prayer for you.

For all of those with tired and weary souls, but still have faith to ask for miracles, choosing to believe He’s in control

May God give you eyes to see. He’s still greater. Courage to rise and believe He’s able. May God be your peace in the fire you’re walking through. This is my prayer now. This is my prayer

May your eyes be ever on the Lord, your Helper. May you find your refuge in the Lord, your Shelter. May you find Him closer than a brother all your days, all of your days. And may your eyes be ever on the Lord, your Helper. May you find your refuge in the Lord, your Shelter. May you find Him closer than a brother all your days, all of your days.

May God give you eyes to see. He’s still greater. Courage to rise and believe He’s able. May God be your peace in the fire you’re walking through. This is my prayer now. This is my prayer for you, for you.


You just heard the words in the song, may God give you eyes to see, rest them upon the Cross and you will understand everything.

We wish you Our Lady. We love you. Good night.

February 2, 2020
Piglets, Kids and Sunday Pasta [Podcast] – Radio Wave Feb. 3, 2020 – A Friend of Medjugorje tells of memories, of how Our Lady points to the existence of God though nature, he reveals who helps to save souls, and tells us the unspoken words Jesus gives from the Cross. Includes an instruction/invitation to live in a concrete way, Our Lady’s Feb. 2, 2020, message.
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